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Where's Paul Westerberg When You Need Him?

At Carol's party, Carol, Molly, Ed, Mike, and Nancy are all gathered around the dinner table as Ed tells the story of how Doogie tried to steal his identity but got his hand caught in the cookie jar. The doorbell rings; Jackass has shown up after all. Carol's glad, but he says he's not here for the dinner; he opens up the envelope and pours his shredded evaluation all over her hands. Carol tells him that he won; he wanted her to leave him alone, and now she will. She's tried everything, and doesn't know how to get through to him. He says, "Okay," and she says it's not okay. She then plants the dreaded Lithuanian Lip Lock firmly on his mouth. She pulls away and looks at him and he just casually says, "Well, goodnight." She laughs as he walks away and wonders aloud if she's now officially gone insane. She walks back into the party where she's hardly noticed, since Ed's story has everyone in stitches. Carol sits there and thinks about what she just did. They toast as the sultry sounds of Ron Sexsmith's "Foolproof" takes us home.

Okay: the acting was impeccable. The storylines sucked, with the exception of Warren's plot -- which certainly wasn't his best moment, but was the only redeeming element of the episode. The bizarro staff plot was already done last season, and if the writers are going to the same well twice in two seasons...that spells "Ain't Good" in my book. Next week, Ed knows a secret about Jackass that could destroy the brand-new relationship between Carol and Jackass. My guess is that he was sent here to ruin the show. We'll see.

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