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Small Town Guys

Warren walks up to Jessica and asks to talk to her. She agrees. He thanks her for not going out with him. He then tells her that she needs to stay with Jakey and Fozzcat because they're more her style. He ends by saying, "See you around," before walking away. Jessica tells him to stop, which he does, like a trained puppy. Jessica then calmly asks Warren if he'd like to go to the movies. Warren gives her an emotionless "yes." He then walks away, tripping, and falling on the floor. He assures her that he's okay as he gets up and walks back to Ed and Mike. Ed asks how it went, and Warren says it went okay...he's going out with Jessica Martel. Ed's more excited than Warren as he asks if Warren's kidding; Warren tells Ed to be cool. Ed notes that today his case ended in a mistrial, Mike got his own practice, and Warren got the girl. It's really time to celebrate. Warren says, "Strippers?"

Instead, they leave and go to the roof of the Stuckey Bowl, where they throw ice cubes into a garbage can on the ground. Warren's disappointed with this hick way of celebrating and keeps pestering Ed for a beer. Ed and Mike call Warren a rookie until he actually gets an ice cube in the garbage can. Ed and Mike cheer Warren's precision as Warren admits that going to a strip club would have still been better than throwing ice cubes into a garbage can. But hey...that's what Small Town Guys do.

A good episode. Ed has finally gotten back into the groove and is delivering high class shows again. Plus NBC's hype machine has promised us that there will be no more repeats of Ed until June. So I hope there will be quite a few more episodes like this one to look forward to in the coming months. And I also hope to shake the ring rust off my recaps and get back to form by next week.

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