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Young Edward J. Stevens Finally Becomes A Man

Warren is shown at the bowling alley, preparing to roll his ball. He goes into a long soliloquy in a fake British accent about bowling, which impresses Jessica but no one else. Tim Cooper tells him to shut up and bowl. Harold asks Tim if that's his Lexus out in the parking lot. Tim says yes. The Cowboy nods his head in approval and says, "That's one happening ride." Tim's chest swells with idiotic jock pride.

Matt Roberts slumps into Ed's office and hands over the music box. Matt is embarrassed and ashamed, explaining how times are tough, his mother busted her hip, he's $10,000 in debt, his mini-van was repossessed and he was in the store and when he heard how much it was worth. Well, now he can't sleep at night. He asks Ed to help him. Ed says he'll talk to the D.A. and tells Matt that he did the right thing.

Inside the bowling alley, Tim and Warren approach their respective alleys. Tim tells "Lucky Charms" that he should go first. Tim's buddies hear Warren's nickname and start hooting, "Let's go Lucky! Let's go Lucky!" Even Phil starts chiming in, which humiliates Warren. Phil is mock shocked, saying, "What? I was being sincere!" Tim keeps talking smack while Warren tries to concentrate on rolling the ball. Warren rolls and knocks over one pin, which has Cooper and his friends in hysterics. Harold tells Trish he's going outside to smoke. "You can smoke in the alley," Trish says. "I know, but this time I choose to smoke outside," Harold says. Nothing like a little bowling alley skullduggery to make the show go by quicker.

Ed goes to Carol's and gives her the music box. Carol is overjoyed and wants to hear the whole story on how he got it back, but it's a long story and Ed has a...thing. Carol interprets "thing" as "date with Bonnie" and says they'll talk later. She then says goodbye and closes the door. Ed stands there for a second, wanting to plead with Carol that she had her chance and blew him off and what was he supposed to do, stay single and date nobody until she finally figured out that he was the man for her, IF she ever did? But he doesn't say any of this and instead walks slowly away from her front door.

The bowling teams are walking out of the alley with Trish telling the kids that the Bad-ass Cowboys put a hurt on them. Trish says she used to be just like these kids -- spending her days at the dog track, eating fried chicken out of the bucket. She weighed 328 lbs until Phil gave her her self-esteem back. Phil says he can do the same for these kids if they'd just give him half a chance. The kid says, "You people are creeping me out" and walks away. Maybe someday the relationship between a 328 lb. Trish and Phil, along with his ability to get her self-esteem back, will worm its way into a storyline. God, I hope not.

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