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The Choke Artist Returns

At the gymnasium, Ed's sitting quietly in the locker room, psyching himself up. Irv walks in and announces that everyone's ready. The crowd's chanting, "Eddie! Eddie!" as Ed walks into the gym. The announcers are saying how Ed's trying to erase the biggest mistake of his life (short of walking in and finding his wife schlepping the mailman). Ed steps up to the foul line. Everything starts going in slow motion. Richard Reid is acting like an ass, saying things like, "You like Molly Hudson, you queer!" to him, trying to make him screw up so Rich can roll around in fifty $100 bills. Ed takes the shot and purposefully throws the basketball over the backboard. He's out five grand. People are hollering at him and calling him a bum. Molly walks down to console Ed. "Nice shot," she says. "You'd better know what you're talking about," he says. This has something to do with that whole tree analogy from the last scene that was about as confusing as waking up from a coma to hear that Ozzy Osbourne's the biggest TV star of the moment.

I HATED this episode. From the stupid basketball crap to the stupid Molly crap to the stupid Shirley crap...everything about it sucked. Even Nancy looked like shit warmed over. The West Wing thing was slightly amusing and the commercials weren't bad. Other than that I resented the fact that I had to watch it not once, but twice and then had to recap it to boot. There's three more episodes left in the season. If they don't pick up soon, I'm willing to bet they're the three last episodes ever. Arrgh. I've gotta go crush a kitten or something to get me outta this funk. See ya next week.

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