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I Cheat, You Cheat, We All Cheat To Satisfy Our Primal Sexual Urges. Errr...I Mean ..."Ice Cream"!

In the music classroom, the husky kid from earlier is struggling to play the trombone for Anne Meara. Anne asks him why he felt he had to vandalize that kid's locker. Husky is puzzled why he did it, but says he just felt like it. Anne Meara suggests they meet after school at the pie shop to talk about it. Chubbs wants to know if this is detention and Anne Meara swears it's not. Chunky Style leaves and Carol walks in. Carol lets Anne Meara know that her quest to save Anne's job is NOT, I repeat NOT, over. In fact, Carol's getting a petition together to save that job. Anne Meara tells her to save her writing skills. It's a wonderful gesture that Carol's trying to do, but it's not meant to be. She's nearing seventy years old and now's as good a time as ever to get the hell out of this stinking rat-trap of a school and go spread her wings like a three dollar whore. Carol finally decides to quit trying to save Anne Meara's job and asks if there's anything she can do for her. Anne Meara says there's one thing she can do...

We see Cara and Ed walking down the street, saying their goodbyes. Cara's going back to Jaspertown, roughly a stone's throw from Stuckeyville. They say goodbye and neither are too choked up over the absence of a boink fest between them for old time's sake. Ed then walks into Carol and they make the obligatory small talk. Carol's on her way to the pie shop and Ed says he'll join her. "No," Carol says, "I'm meeting someone." Cue Husky Boy walking up to the pie shop. Husky says he's supposed to meet Anne Meara at the pie shop, and they've already called in the second shift to help prepare his mid-afternoon snack of pie, pie, pie. Carol informs him that Anne Meara's out trying to salvage what's left of her dwindling career as a special guest star on shows and Carol will be taking her place. The show ends with Carol telling Husky that they have to figure some stuff out as they walk in the pie shop together. Y'see? Carol is taking Anne Meara's place as the cool teacher everyone will grow to love, and then eventually watch her get the proverbial boot in the ass when she hits seventy.

This show was wretched. Horrid. I love Ed but this was a painful waste of my time. The only redeeming quality is the "We Are The World" takeoff and that wasn't enough to save the show. I need more Phil, less Shirley, and give Kenny something to do other than to sing off-key. Hell...bring back Bonnie Hane, for chrissakes. Anything to keep from me having to sit through another gawdawful hour of pig piss like this again.

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