The Whole Truth

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The Whole Truth

...Sorry. I've been reading way too many Jackie Collins novels lately.

Back at the doctor's office, Dr. Scottie and Dr. Jerome decide to let Mike off the hook. Dr. Scottie was only on loan for a week from another doctor to help Mike become more motivated in his work, and apparently this little Pavlovian experiment did the trick on the Mikemaster. Mike exhales for the first time in a week and it looks like he will inherit the practice after all.

Molly asks Ed if he's still looking for a house. After blowing through every single real estate agent in town, yeah...it looks like Ed still needs a house. Molly offers Charlie's house. She says they want to "keep it in the family." A-HA! More chicanery from Molly! I'm no brain surgeon, but I can see what's going on here. Molly is giving Ed the house. She's going to woo him and buy him nice baubles. She's going to show up on his door step one stormy night, soaking wet and freezing. He's going to strip her down, put a blanket around her and stick her in front of the fireplace. She's going to ask to be held. He's going to sit down next to her, hold her naked frame, the blanket will fall down, Ed will get a glance at Molly's pups, and they will have a torrid affair with many children coming soon afterwards.

I'm such a fucking romantic sometimes.

While Molly is trying to get Ed to move in to Charlie's house, a delivery man comes into the picture. "Excuse me," the delivery guy says. "But I have seventy-two cases of Beefaroni here for Jerry Stevens." That Charlie. Still making them laugh from beyond the grave.

Finally, it's Open Mic Night. Kenny's working the door, holding people behind a velvet rope, except the people are just Carol, Mike, Nancy, and Molly. It looks like a really bad night at Studio 54. Phil comes out, surveys the crowd, points out the three women and has Kenny let them in the bowling alley, leaving Mike outside. Mike tries to sneak in and Kenny stops him with a stern "Mikey!"

Inside, the festivities are hopping. Kenny has finally decided to just go with his Gallagher impression, smashing a watermelon to a huge pop from the audience. It's nice to see the art of smashing watermelons is not lost on the citizens of Stuckeyville.

The Warren Cheswick Experience takes the stage. Phil looks like a dead ringer for Jim Morrison as he sways to this godawful song he has written about Stuckeyville. The song serves as the backdrop for this episode's music montage tying up all the loose ends in the show. Charlie's family is united and looks at peace with the bombshell Ed's dropped on them. Molly drops a key in Ed's hand. Apparently, those are the only two loose ends of the show, now that Carol's gotten over the evil Nick Stanton.

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