The Whole Truth

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The Whole Truth

Phil introduces Warren Cheswick "on the axe." Warren launches into the most painful guitar solo ever heard in the history of mankind and walks out into the audience while playing. He walks down the aisle with one intention: impressing Carol with his new rock-star persona. Carol's clapping away as Warren falls to his knees, bends backwards, and keeps strumming his guitar to make sounds like an elephant going through a hysterectomy with no sedatives. He finishes his solo, leans into Carol's face and says, "I'll be outside in the van," then runs out of the building. The audience is going wild, Carol's laughing, and Phil is screaming his rock star clichés into the microphone. The show ends with Phil hollering, "Be good to each other!"

If you're not watching this show...you're wrong. Ed is the best new show on television. And that's the bottom line because Brad F'n Pitt said so.

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