The Whole Truth

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The Whole Truth

Carol's strolling down the street when she's emotionally accosted by Warren, the nerdy student that harbors a crush on her. They're talking when Ed walks up, stapling flyers for Open Mic Night everywhere in town. Warren gets into ass-kicking mode and asks Carol, "Is this guy bothering you? Say the word and I'll throw down." Ed sees that Warren is carrying a guitar, and offers him a spot at Open Mic Night. Warren asks Carol if she'll be there, and she says, "Probably." Warren gets cranked and agrees to show up for Open Mic. He hauls ass to go tell his buddies about this sudden twist of fortune.

Carol and Ed start walking for their weekly walk around Stuckeyville, peppered with awkward small talk. Yet the small talk isn't as awkward as it was before, mainly because these two are very slowly becoming good friends and not sex objects in each other's eyes. They're talking about Ed's having to find a new place in town to call his own, and Ed realizes that this will be the first time he's ever lived alone. Except for the time he lived with Liz and Chrissy, referencing yet another long-gone TV show, Three's Company.

The lovely couple arrive at the local Real Estate Agent's, and Ed tells her up front that he wants to skip looking at any bad houses, and that they can go straight to the good ones. Ed knows how agents work: they show you the worst houses first and hope you buy them. I sat there and tried to follow his reasoning, but couldn't keep up with him. The agent is taken aback and tries to change the subject by asking if the couple are newlyweds. Carol says they're not married. Ed says they are. Carol says they're not. Ed quietly says, "She's not well. She was hit on the head by a falling coconut." The agent agrees to show them her best houses tomorrow.

Dr. Jerome is sitting at his desk when Mike walks in. Mike asks, "How's things?" Jerome drones on and on about a number of trivial things eating away at his ass, including the art of cinema going downhill and the fact that his daughter is marrying a Moroccan -- the guy even wears a Fez. Mike stands there, letting the man go on and on. He waits for a pause and then begins expressing his dissatisfaction with Dr. Scottie's being hired. Jerome asks Mike to take his hand. Mike's hesitant, but holds Dr. Jerome's hand. It's withered, leathery, and stiff. Jerome tells Mike that his days as the town's physician are nearing an end, and he wants to make sure the practice is left in good hands. Mike points out that he was hired on the premise that he would be inheriting the practice when Jerome retires. Jerome informs Mike, "You are, as they said in the post-grunge metal world of the early '90s, a slacker." He adds that he has to keep his patient's best interests in mind when turning the practice over. Mike says, "Thanks for the chat," and leaves Jerome's office. I get the hunch that Mike isn't really thankful for the chat, and is displaying more irony than earnest. But that's just me.

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