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In the pie shop, Ed and Molly are drowning their sorrows in apple pie à la mode. Molly says that everyone must think she's the world's biggest idiot for not figuring out that Jim was married. Well duh, Molly. You've never been to the guy's house...what does THAT tell you? Ed says she's not the world's biggest idiot -- maybe the world's biggest woman, but certainly not the world's biggest idiot. Ed adds that Jim just didn't seem the type of guy to...you know, be all married and shit. Molly states that it's always the guys who don't seem the type that are the type. Ed asks what she's going to do now and she says she'll probably end up crawling back to George Clooney. Ed says that he believes that Jim is sincere in wanting Molly over his wife and thinks Molly should give him a chance. Molly says no way, but let's face the facts...in two years, it's not like the Mollster's door is being banged down by potential suitors. When you hit a dry spell of epidemic proportions, you need to seriously rethink your dating criteria. To be honest, Molly should be dating any man who asks her, short of a serial killer. And even then, I'd say date the killer if he has a nice car. Ed starts talking about going down some scary roads sometimes, which is one of the few things he actually learned from Susie Psycho. Molly's not sure about the whole "scary roads" thing so Ed decides to demonstrate it for her. The waitress comes over that Ed's been lusting after for a while now. Ed does his stuttering, blinking, charming spiel about getting the waitress's phone number. The waitress coos, and then says she's sorry, but she doesn't date customers. Apparently, she's got a problem with guys who have pie breath. The waitress walks away. Molly's grinning. Ed admits that it would have been much cooler if she had said yes, as the episode ends.

Wow. No ten-dollar bet. No court case. Ed got laid. Jessica Martel seems to be yesterday's news. The Oz sight gag was just as funny as the time Phil was shown in the background attempting a back flip and he about broke his spine. The old Ed is firmly back after several crappy episodes. I can now die a happy, yet oddly shaped, man.

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