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Mountains Out of Molehills

Back in Mike's driveway, Mike's shooting hoops by himself when Ed walks up and asks if he wants to play a quick round of 11 by 1's. Mike's glad that anybody still wants to play with him and says sure. They play for a few seconds before Ed says, "Mike, I'm sorry I didn't trust you." Mike stops and says, "Thanks." Ed zooms to the basket, dunks it, and calls 1-nothing. Mike grins and Ed says that's his version of trash talk as they resume play. Mike starts making fun of Ed's closing statements: "Trust is all we have, if we don't have trust, we don't have anything, we need trust." Ed says that closing argument kept Mike's ass out of the big house, and the episode ends.

I dunno...I liked it. I think a major part of it, as has been pointed out on the boards more eloquently than I could, was Mike and Nancy's scene, where Mike looked utterly humiliated at having to admit that his careless flirting had gotten him into a helluva fix. Yet another tender scene that I'm really beginning to dig on this show. Say what you want about Phil, but I still love that character. Michael Ian Black can play creepy like nobody else except Dennis Hopper or Crispin Glover. Even without Warren, I've gotta give the props to this episode. I think it rocked sufficiently.

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