Two Days of Freedom

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Two Days of Freedom

Ed sits glumly in the darkened bowling alley. Big Pussy and Kay walk in. Kay is there to get her report on Big Pussy's freedom weekend. Ed hesitates and sighs again. Big Pussy steps up and says that he did it. He confesses that he asked Ed to lie, but he realizes that he never lied to Kay before, and he can't start now. Kay looks disappointed, but says, "Okay, then." They get up to leave. Ed asks if she's fine with Big Pussy sleeping with another woman. Kay says she does care, but that Big Pussy is her best friend, and he wanted to have an experience, so she made a sacrifice. Ed asks whether she's upset that her husband cheated on her. Is it cheating if she gave permission? Kay claims that 70% of all married men cheat on their wives, and most wives never find out. Jesus, is that true? I did a search on Google to try to find out, but it was too depressing, because a lot of articles had that statistic even higher. Anyway. Kay claims that cheating is lying, and that her husband didn't lie. Ed asks whether it changes everything. Kay sits down and gives Ed a little lecture on what two people go through in twenty-five years of marriage. She lists off births, deaths, disasters, problems with money and kids. So, "one meaningless night in a bar with a girl barely even makes the list." Big Pussy helps Kay on with her coat and then offers to take her to the diner for some eggs. And just like that, everything is fine. Okay, then.

Ed runs up and knocks on Carol's door. She doesn't answer, so he walks out to see if any lights are on. She comes to the door in a robe and reminds him that it's after midnight. She is, however, wide awake. Ed tells her that Big Pussy slept with another woman, and that Kay was upset, but that she wanted to make a sacrifice for her best friend, and that it was okay, because her husband didn't lie to her. Ed says that it reminded him that the only way he and Carol will be able to remain friends is if they are honest with each other. Carol gets upset and says that she's apologized many times, so she doesn't know what to say. Ed clarifies that he was the one who wasn't honest. He doesn't like the fact that she's with Jackass. But all he asks is that Carol be honest with him so that Ed's not the guy in the dark, and that she should tell Jackass that too, so that he knows it's not a secret. I'm so sure that Jackass cares. It's all a setup for Carol's next line, as she says that she'll tell Jackass...now. Ed doesn't get it at first, but then realizes that Jackass is in Carol's bed as they speak. That must have been some dinner. Carol looks upset that she had to break it to Ed that way. Ed walks away, then turns back to tell Carol that her robe is really ugly. It is. Ed says that he's just being honest. Carol says that she appreciates it, and walks inside. Ed walks off, alone. Like Shane. Or something.

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