Two Days of Freedom

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Two Days of Freedom

At school, Warren is taking some things out of his locker when Mark approaches, dressed in a suit. Warren asks what's up with the fancy duds, and Mark says that he has a Trig test and thought he would dress for success. Warren tells Mark that he looks like Mr. Belvedere. Heh. Jessica Martel walks by and says hello. Mark asks if Warren is really going to take Jessica out. Warren says that he is, and he really does think that Jessica meant it when she said that she would go with him. Diane approaches, and Mark asks if she really thinks that Jessica is going to go out with Warren. Diane takes credit for the date, and tells Warren that he needs to pin Jessica down to a time and place. Warren was just planning to "lay low and see what develops." Diane and Mark both think that's a bad plan.

Carol is walking down the hall when an announcement comes over the loudspeaker: Jackass wants her to report to the principal's office. Cut to Jackass sitting as his desk, playing solitaire on his laptop. Jackass gives educators a bad name. Carol shows up in his office, and he invites her in and tells her to close the door and sit down. Jackass asks her to have dinner with him Saturday night. Carol can't believe that he called her in to ask her that. Me neither! What an abuse of power. Carol rehashes the events thus far: Jackass slept with her, then brought another date to the Christmas party, and now he wants to have dinner. Jackass says that they are both adults, so he wonders why they are playing childish games. Jackass wants to have dinner together and "get past all this." Carol wonders if she's supposed to have dinner with him as if nothing happened. Jackass confirms that's the plan. Carol says no and walks out. Well, that's a step in the right direction, even if we all know that it won't last.

Phil and Kenny are ready to unveil another food invention to Ed. It's a grape sandwich. As in, two pieces of bread with whole grapes on it. Kay and Big Pussy show up and ask to see Ed in his office. As they walk off, Phil tries to find out what exactly is wrong with the sandwich. Kenny suggests that a touch of cream cheese might help. Actually, if you sliced the grapes and added cream cheese, that wouldn't be bad.

Ed escorts Kay and Big Pussy into his office. Big Pussy explains that Kay has agreed to give him his forty-eight hours. Now, Big Pussy is explaining that it was a joke, but Kay insists that Big Pussy really wants it. Ed wonders what that has to do with him. Kay explains that she doesn't want to wonder what happened during Big Pussy's free period, so she wants Ed to follow him around and report back to her what happened so that she can deal with it. Kay won't take no for an answer, so she leaves the two men to plan their time. Big Pussy thinks that it's a trap. Ed suggests that she's just trying to see if he'll say no. Big Pussy adds that he is going to say no. He and Ed shake hands, and Big Pussy departs. Well, that's over. Right?

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