Two Days of Freedom

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Two Days of Freedom

The next morning, Ed walks into the bowling alley to find Phil and Kenny about to unveil their latest creation. There are actual crowds lined up to see it. Kenny hands Ed a plate of chicken wings. Ed says that they're just Buffalo wings, but Phil claims that they are Stuckeyville wings. Big Pussy walks up and asks to talk to Ed.

The two men go into Ed's office and stare at each other for a few minutes. Finally, Ed chuckles and says that Big Pussy couldn't do it. Ed's all happy, until Big Pussy reveals that he did, in fact, do it. Ed doesn't want to believe it. Big Pussy says that it was great. Ed still doesn't want to believe it. Big Pussy doesn't think that they should tell Kay, because it will only hurt her. Ed reminds him that telling her is part of the deal. Big Pussy thinks that if Kay hears that he couldn't go through with it, it will make her happy. Ed has been saying that all along. Big Pussy thinks that they are in agreement. Ed made a promise. Big Pussy wants Ed to think about Kay. Ed is conflicted. You can tell by his sighs.

Carol catches up with Jackass on the way to the parking lot. She's thought about what he said, and she's going to give him a chance. Jackass asks if she's sure, and Carol says that she's not. She wants him to know that she's not disposable, and the first time she feels that he's treating her that way, she's out of there. All she's taught him is that she'll give him another chance. He's not that great a person, so I don't get this. The sex must have been really good for her to keep coming back. Jackass agrees to these terms. Carol suggests dinner. Jackass jokes that he already has a date. Carol isn't amused.

Warren takes a shower and sings "Jesse's Girl," but substitutes in "Jessica." Heh. Except I doubt that a kid Warren's age would know the words to that song. But anyway, Warren's fired up for his date.

Warren and Jessica arrive at the restaurant, and there's a big line. Jessica is cool with waiting, but Warren doesn't think that "a pretty lady" like Jessica should have to wait. He barges his way to the front of the line and asks for Roger, since some other guy is there. Wah wah wah. Roger called in sick. The wait is an hour and fifteen minutes. Warren protests and starts panicking. Jessica walks up to see what's going on, and assures him that she doesn't mind waiting. Warren walks up to the table he had picked out and asks the family to leave. Jessica manages to pull him away before he gets kicked out. Or his ass kicked.

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