Valentine's Day

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Happy V.D.!

In church, Rev. Carver is speaking to a congregation slightly larger than before, probably composed of people who are just there to see what all the hype was about. Carver is going on and on about St. Valentine and the history behind Valentine's Day. If I wanted history, I'd be watching the History Channel, Roc. How about giving me a little video montage on what everyone's doing while you're preaching?

Done. Ed and Bonnie are playing Stratego. Ed's obviously losing, so he tips the board over and they laugh and then start kissing again like a couple of junior-high students who just got their braces off. Carol's eating alone when Molly comes into the picture with chopsticks in her mouth, imitating a walrus. It's such a wide open visual joke that I refuse to demean myself by making fat jokes at Molly's expense. Well...actually, I just can't come up with a real good zinger right now, so I'll let it slide. Chuck and Shirley are at the batting range, and it's damned nice to see that since Ed's been getting a little nookie, Shirley's vulva will be getting a nice little workout of its own. And, finally, Phil is spending Valentine's Day in the best way possible...watching a stripper slide seductively down a pole.

The show concludes with Rev. Carver wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day, as the maudlin music reaches a swelling crescendo.

Next week, Bonnie announces that she may be leaving Stuckeyville, which elicits a roar from every Edhead nationwide. And John Goodman shows up as the former owner of the Stuckey Bowl; he wants to buy it back now that Ed's worked his bowling mojo on the place.

Don't forget...Ed's on Tuesday, February 20, at 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST for one night only. Tune in for a very special Ed. Or don't. And just read my recap. Either way...you'll walk away confused and angry. Mwah!

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