Youth Bandits

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Youth Bandits

Ed turns off the tape and asks what they are going to do. Mike says that Ed can't be serious. Ed says that he is. Carol says that Ed can't be. Ed says that they all saw the tape, and they know what they have to do. Mike says that they aren't going to get together and ruin the funeral of a guy they haven't spoken to in fifteen years. Ed reminds Mike what Larry said on the tape. Mike can't believe that Ed wants to play "She's A Bitch (But I Love Her)" at Larry's funeral. Ed doesn't want to, but feels that it may be their duty. Carol and Mike point out that "a seventeen-year-old kid who didn't understand anything" made the tape. Ed asks Mike if he promised to do it. Mike says that he did, but he was also seventeen years old when that promise was made. Ed doesn't see why that matters. Carol says that they always go along with Ed's "ridiculous ideas," but not this time. Ed says that he made a promise, and that it doesn't expire after fifteen years. Carol appeals to Nancy to tell Ed that it's ridiculous. Nancy pretends to read one of the evil baby's books, and changes the subject. So Nancy supports the idea? Interesting. Carol continues railing against the idea. Ed thinks that they should consult Barney Stacuzzo, the fourth member of the band. Mike says that Barney was insane back then, and they only let him into the band because his cousin was a security guard at William Morris. Ed counters that Barney was a member of the band, and he deserves a say.

Warren and Mark sneak down the hallway toward a locker. Warren is carrying roses, and he says that there is "a small window of opportunity." He opens the locker, which belongs to Jessica, and says that this is the perfect plan because it has both surprise and romance. Mark stuffs Warren into the locker and shuts the door. Mark walks off just as Jessica turns the corner. Mark whispers to Warren that Jessica is on her way. Jessica walks by her locker, looks into her bag, and then keeps walking. Warren starts calling out to her and banging on the locker. He starts screaming at her to open the locker quickly. She does, and Warren falls out onto the floor, gasping for air. Jessica asks why he was hiding in her locker. Warren wheezes that he wanted to apologize for messing up their date, and adds that he brought her roses. Jessica is charmed. She tells Warren that her parents are going out of town, and she's having a party. Warren asks if he's invited, and Jessica says that he is. Warren tries to pretend he didn't just make a fool of himself.

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