Youth Bandits

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Youth Bandits

Molly teaches the night class. Phil's cell phone rings, and he loudly begins a conversation with someone named Enrique about buying something. Molly tries to reprimand him, but Phil isn't listening. Molly dismisses the class. Phil compliments Molly's teaching. Molly says that this isn't going to work. Phil asks how it is going to work, because he's already shown up a few times and everyone has seen his face. Molly says that she's not giving Phil a diploma, and stomps off. Phil can't believe it. Molly tells him that in order to get a diploma, Phil will have to pass the course like everyone else. Phil says that this has been a very educational night, and stomps out. Jim walks in and asks if Phil is not quite the model student. Molly agrees. Jim suggests "a one-two punch of pizza and beer with Mr. Friendly Face." He makes a goofy smiling face and holds it. Molly chuckles and says she'll do it if he promises to hold that face for the whole night. Jim agrees, and then says that his cheeks are already cramping.

Ed, Mike, and Carol walk into the bowling alley. Ed and Carol are still arguing about playing the song at the funeral. An electric guitar chord rings out to announce the presence of one Barney Stacuzzo, played by Andy Richter. Barney has an accent; the other people on the show call it British, but it sounded more Australian to me. Bad Australian. Barney greets Mike and Ed, and hits on Carol. Barney asks whether they dated in high school, and Carol says that they didn't. Mike asks what's up with the fake English accent. Barney drops it and says that it comes and goes. Ed asks if Barney heard about Larry. Barney thinks that it's a bummer, then asks when they start rehearsing for the funeral. Ed thinks that this is finally a man who makes sense. Carol points out that Barney is "a man who speaks with an English accent, sometimes. No offense." Mike asks Barney what he does for a living now. Barney works at Banana Republic. Ed thinks that's good, and Barney says that he "totally lucked out." ["Second Banana Republic joke in two weeks. Just saying." -- Wing Chun]

At Jessica's party, Mark is all excited because some girl talked to him by the cheese tray. What high-school party has a cheese tray? Mark tells Warren that he appreciates being brought to the party, since being there makes Warren look less cool. Warren says that he and Mark have been friends for a long time, and that Jessica can't stop that. Jessica walks up and says hello. Warren asks whether it's okay that he brought his buddy Mark. Jessica says that it's not a problem, and then turns and greets Mark, asking what school he goes to. Okay, let's face facts. Mark is hugely fat. I don't hold that against him, but it does make him kind of memorable. And he hangs out with Warren all the time. If Jessica sees Warren in school at all, she would at least know Mark by sight. So she's either stupid, or stuck-up. I'm not sure if the writers are trying to say that she really is an airhead bitch, or if they thought that would be a funny throwaway line. Anyway, Jessica asks Warren to go for a walk with her, and he agrees.

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