Youth Bandits

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Youth Bandits

Barney welcomes Ed and Mike into their practice room by saying, "Welcome to the Terrordome." Ed says that he feels like he's gone back in time. Barney says that it's "a perfect recreation of [his] parents' garage circa 1987," right down to the grease stain on the floor. Mike says that Barney is scaring him. Barney replies, "You have nothing to fear but rock itself." Heh. Andy Richter gets all the good lines. Barney hands Mike a bass as Ed picks up an acoustic guitar. Barney starts playing the opening lick of "Roundabout" by Yes. Ed asks if Barney is still into Yes, and Barney replies, "Why, uh...yes!" Heh. Ed doesn't laugh, and suggests that they get started. Ed starts playing some chords on his guitar. Carol walks in with some guy behind her. She introduces the guy as Tommy, one of Larry's former co-workers, whom she met over at the Parkers' place. She was talking to Tommy about Larry, and his answers were different from what Barney said earlier. Barney looks like he's ashamed, and kind of tries to skulk away. Tommy explains that Carol was talking like Larry was some sort of music freak, and that wasn't the case at all. Ed asks if Larry wanted a record contract. Tommy doesn't think so. Barney says that he forgot to get eggs this morning, so he's going to go get some. Carol blocks his way. Ed asks if Larry ever mentioned the Youth Bandits or playing the drums. Tommy says that he went over to Larry's for dinner a few times and never saw any drum set, and that they both loved Dilbert. Well, that settles it. Larry was no rebel. Ed looks to Barney for some answers, and Barney admits that he "might have taken some liberties with the truth." Ed asks whether Barney ever even saw Larry a few years ago. Barney says that he just thought it would be cool if they all got back together, and that Larry would have wanted it. Carol snits that Barney doesn't know anything about Larry at all. She's kind of a bitch. Anyway, Mike thinks it's time to leave. Ed asks Tommy whether Larry was "a bit of a wild man." Tommy says that Larry was a wild man in a way, because sometimes he would answer the phone "Yello!" They all look sorry for nerdy Tommy.

Warren and Jessica walk down the hall. Warren says that the "company of a good woman" invigorates the soul. Jessica giggles and says that she has to get to her violin lesson. Warren asks whether she is busy later. Jessica asks what he has in mind. Warren wants to "hop into the staysh" and "head over to the Treach." Jessica asks what he's talking about. Warren clarifies that they could take his mom's station wagon to Arthur Treacher's. I'm totally calling every station wagon a "staysh" from now on. Jessica agrees. Warren says that he'll pick her up at seven. Jessica walks away.

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