Youth Bandits

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Youth Bandits

Ed sits in his office, writing on a legal pad. Carol enters. Ed explains that he's trying to figure out what to say at the funeral. Carol is surprised, since she thought that Larry had let Ed down. Ed says that he actually thought that Larry had let himself down, but he was wrong. Carol admits that she was wrong, too, and she thinks they should play the song at the funeral. Ed gives her a look, and Carol says that they have to play the song, because Larry would have wanted them to. Ed says that seventeen-year-old Larry would have, but not thirty-two-year-old Larry. Carol says that thirty-two-year-old Larry would have been wrong.

Molly hands the tests back to her students, congratulating some of them aloud. Phil gets his and asks what an F+ is supposed to mean. Molly says that she made the grade up just for Phil, because he didn't quite earn a D-. Phil asks if this means that he passed, and Molly confirms it. Phil cheers, and then stands and asks everyone to show him the love. Molly asks if that means that he'll be staying with the class. Phil replies, "You bet your sweet bouzouki I'm staying!" Phil then tries to start a chant of "F Plus! F Plus!" No one joins in.

At Larry's funeral, Tommy concludes his eulogy by saying that whoever takes Larry's place at the office has a really big cubicle to fill. If that's the best thing anyone can think to say about me at my funeral, that's pathetic. Ed walks up front and says that Larry was a good friend of his in high school. When Ed knew Larry, he had big dreams of becoming a rock star, and convinced the rest of them that it would actually happen. Ed didn't know what to think when he found out that Larry had left his dreams of immortality behind. Then, Ed met Ryan, and knew that Larry did become immortal in a different way. Mike and Barney start to get up as Ed says that they should celebrate the Larry that Ed knew by listening to a song that Larry wrote at seventeen. Carol looks nervous. Ed starts singing the song "She's A Bitch (But I Love Her)" as Mike and Barney sing backup. Carol and Nancy look embarrassed. Rita starts to smile. See, it turns out that the "she" of the song is actually a personification of life. So, it's life that is a bitch. The funeral-goers all smile. The song continues as we see Rita and Ryan at the burial. Ed, Carol, and the gang watch the hearse pull away.

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