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Salieri's Revenge
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Previously on Elementary: Vinnie Jones was Sebastian Moran, an serial killer with elaborate tactics, but he was not Moriarty. And Holmes tortured him instead of turning him over to the police.

Someone takes notes in a dark room. Someone else walks in talking about the endowment committee. The guy taking notes (it's F. Murray Abraham!) takes his laptop and plays a high-pitched noise that brings the other man to his knees. I did not care for that noise, because I've got just enough tinnitus to dislike it when movies or television shows replicate it on purpose. F. Murray tells the man he hasn't had a heart attack: "I'm doing that to you. Watch." He plays the noise again, and it appears to hurt the man. Apparently if you know a pacemaker's ID number, you can control it externally. With sounds? Isn't a pacemaker buried pretty deep in your chest? F. Murray's point is that he's threatening to program the pacemaker to electrocute this man, and it will look like just a random heart attack. He points to the next room and says, "Vote to revoke and I'll be on my way." So the man opens his laptop and goes to the New York City Historical Registry, where there's a ballot. It would be pretty funny if this were just a really elaborate attempt to rig an online poll. The man votes, and then F. Murray electrocutes him. It would probably look even more like an accident if he just switched the pacemaker off, rather than sending thousands of volts through his heart.

Sebastian Moran -- still in prison -- is led into the television room, where he has to stay in chains and has his own bench. This is to convey the idea that he's feared by one and all, but I don't think they need to go to that much effort. He's still Vinnie Jones! He orders someone to change the television from college basketball to soccer. And "not that match. The Arsenal game." As the prisoner switches channels, he passes breaking news: "Philanthropist Van Der Hoff dead of heart attack." Moran has him stay on the news now. The rest of the room is getting impatient, but Moran intimidates them into shutting up.

Brownstone. Holmes wails as he tries to get out of a straitjacket. He has dislocated his own shoulder, which is, in fact, how you do it. And according to Holmes, it hurts. He answers his phone as Watson pops the shoulder back in. She goes to get ice and Holmes talks to Gregson. Moran has suddenly made a new confession, in which he says there are victims he was supposed to kill but never got to. And he wants to give details, but he'll only talk to Holmes. The NYPD put up with sort of thing an awful lot on this show.

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