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Salieri's Revenge

Taggart is jogging. Holmes has done some research, so he knows that Taggart is a lawyer who works at various volunteer efforts. Holmes breaks off and notices something. Then he describes her main hobby as "running laps at the pace of a third-grader with a sprained ankle." Hey, third-graders have a lot of energy. They can cover ground pretty quickly. Watson notes that she has a medical alert bracelet. She speculates that it could be hemophilia (it's rare in females, but it apparently happens) or a nasty allergy. Holmes goes up the stairs and has Watson speculate on what could cause anaphylactic shock. He says he saw an Africanized honey bee. Watson asks, "How do you Africanize something?" In my youth, Africanized honey bees were more commonly known by the much catchier name "killer bees." They're dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as certain movies made it sound. Watson is incredulous that someone would try, as she calls it, "Murder by bee." Holmes finds a newly formed hive in a nearby tree. And there's a convenient box of sugar water to feed the bees. Watson objects that this is a baroque way to kill someone. Well, yeah. Holmes suggests that Taggart could get swiped by lemongrass oil to attract the bees. And even if she has an EpiPen, she'd get overwhelmed by "an army of bee assassins." The box of sugar water is almost empty, suggesting that the person who set the hive up will be back shortly for maintenance. It's time for stakeout!

The stakeout is on a park bench. Watson brings Piroshkies. Yum! She wants to know what the plan is. Holmes admits that he doesn't intend to turn this man over to the police right away. He wants to find out who murdered Irene. But he says he won't use the same tactics as with Moran. What's different now is that before he had made only one significant connection in his life, and that was Irene. But now he's in a partnership. He tells her, "You are an interesting project. And I enjoy watching your progress." The thing that's different about Holmes "is you." Watson gets all soppy about how it's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about her. Holmes can't promise what he'll do when he finds Moriarty, just as he can't promise what he'd do if he found a syringe full of heroin. "In the meantime," he says, "you'll just have to trust my intent." A man shows up to deal with the bees. Holmes promises not to torture him, but he's got a taser to deal with him quickly.

F. Murray is looking at a notebook, which Holmes snatches out of his hands. He says he's with the NYPD and observes that there are notes here about falling air conditioners. F. Murray protests, "You can't arrest me for doing physics!" Holmes ignores this and tells him, "You're gonna help us find your employer." Then: taser!

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