Blood Is Thicker

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Brotherly Scheming
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Holmes and someone do some single-stick sparring on the roof. It's very picturesque. They have eggs on their heads, and when Holmes smashes his opponent's we see that it's Mycroft. Sherlock didn't go to the opening of the Diogenes, so Mycroft wants him to come to dinner there before he goes home to London. Holmes was hoping that hitting each other would be enough bonding. They put their masks back on and have at it. A delivery man brings a package out of his truck and asks a bystander for the word of the day: "borborygmus." That's the sound of a stomach rumbling. If you spell it "Borborygmos," it's also the name of a legendary cyclops in Magic: The Gathering. There's a loud clang from the direction of the delivery truck, but nothing seems to have changed. When the man drives away, there's a woman with a stomach wound on the roof of the truck. The usual gang of cops and consultants are gathered around the roof. She was stabbed and the driver doesn't know when she hit the roof. Holmes goes inside the truck, looks at the way the roof is indented, and notes that the shelf marked A.1-178 is lower than the shelf marked A.1-179. The driver is called to come in, and he confirms that everything is loaded in delivery order. Holmes wants to know where box A.1-178 was delivered, and the driver asks why. Bell tries to get out of this without a Sherlockian explanation, but it's too late for that. There are paint chips all over the inside of the truck, but some of them show that boxes were there during the impact.

Bell, Holmes, and Watson look up at the tall buildings in the area where the woman presumably hit the truck. Watson suggests starting with the third balcony up, because it's the only balcony that doesn't have the same tree as all the other ones. Maybe it got knocked over when a woman fell off. Sure, that's worth a try.

Now they're in the apartment. There are blood drops on the carpet and signs of a struggle. Holmes compliments Watson on a job well done. Bell says the superintendent doesn't know the name of their victim because everything is very private here. And there are no cameras. He goes off to call the management company. Holmes investigates shoes and jewelry while he and Watson discuss his relationship with Mycroft. Watson finds a purse and reports that the victim's name was Haley Tyler, age 26. From the closet, Holmes guesses that the address on the drivers' license isn't this apartment, and he's correct: she's from Mineral Wells, Texas. Someone had old, cheap clothes and new, expensive clothes. So he thinks she was a kept woman. Bell reports that the apartment is owned by "Ian Gale," who invented an expensive phone and half the computers in the country.

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