Blood Is Thicker

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Brotherly Scheming

Natalie Gale is at the police station talking to Bell and Watson. Ian Gale's will recently moved a lot of money (something above ten million dollars) from Natalie to Haley Tyler. Natalie admits that. And apparently she left Gale's hotel at around the time that Haley was killed. Natalie says she sat on a bench in the park. Watson verifies that Natalie was a pediatric surgeon, which suggests that she'd be able to find the abdominal aorta easily. Natalie declares that she's going to call all of her attorneys. She says that changing Ian Gale's portion was her idea, and Haley Tyler's death didn't change anything anyway, since the money is still going to her Haley's family.

At the Brownstone, Holmes looks through pictures of Haley's apartment on a real estate website. Watson comes down and says that the Gales are no longer cooperating with the NYPD, and she blames herself. Holmes thinks there's nothing wrong with asking strong questions that people have good answers for. Bell calls with news about those stray fingerprints: Ray McKibbon, Haley's ex-boyfriend who's done time for assault. He seems to have joined her in New York.

Watson and Holmes go through Haley's apartment. There are no signs of McKibbon spending a lot of time there. Watson wants to know how the dinner with Mycroft went, and Holmes tries to find out how attached she is to the Brownstone. Holmes doesn't think his father actually wants him back in London, but he might not realize that right away. They haven't had a paying client in some time, so Holmes has had to dip into his trust fund to pay Watson. He might have to take the paying clients, which he isn't excited about. He offers that they could move to London, which would let them keep doing what they're doing but with Scotland Yard.

Holmes claims that what he wants is irrelevant, although Watson doesn't buy it. He was happy to go to London because it made him appreciate the support system he has in New York, saying, "I feel that I have thrived here, not because of who I am but because of who I have come to know." See, this is what makes Elementary a worthwhile Sherlock Holmes story. It's asking the question of what Sherlock Holmes would be like not only if he was in the twenty-first century, but if he had had his heart broken and then met this Joan Watson. It's still the same character underneath, but he's changed and evolved to become different. So Holmes doesn't want to leave New York. Watson takes a moment, then says she's never met his father, and all she knows is that he got Sherlock help when he needed it. But, as its put, "Screw him. We can find a new place to live."

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