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Like a Lead Balloon Man

After poking around for a bit, Holmes accuses Mr. Castillo of lying to the police. He claimed he was out buying a bottle of wine at a bodega (which is a word that, as far as I can tell, only exists in New York), but the price tag is on the wrong end of the bottle. The presence of multiple lemon presses show that the Castillos were separated for a time and Caller ID shows that there was a call last night that took only fifteen seconds. So clearly Mr. Castillo snuck out last night to talk to his lady friend. Castillo admits that he met her at her car, a few houses away. This whole time, Watson has been being outraged and trying to shush Holmes, but Holes finally explains that the lady, having been outside at the right time, might have seen the Balloon Man carrying off the Castillos' daughter. Which seems pretty obvious to me, but maybe I'm just secretly a brilliant logician.

"I'm sorry. I just... I can't believe I'm the reason that lunatic got his hands on Roberto's daughter." The woman seems rattled. Which is fair. She says she never got out of her car. Watching from the corner, Holmes tells Watson not to talk to him because he's too focused. The witness says she saw a car run a stop sign and turn a corner. How is it just now occurring to her that the windowless van she saw speeding away from the kidnapping might be something she should tell someone about? Holmes concludes that the Balloon Man panicked when he heard sirens (Holmes was conveniently listening to his police scanner last night and heard a report in the area) and didn't have time to chloroform his victim. The witness can only remember that it was a van. But when Holmes glares at her, she remembers that it was dark brown. Man, this lady is the worst witness.

Out on the street, Holmes, Watson, and Bell wander around. Holmes explains that they're looking for a security camera or maybe a neighbor wit ha photographic memory. Watson is mopey about being told to listen, not talk. I would have thought that someone whose job is to babysit addicts in danger of relapse would have thicker skin. She says Holmes hasn't eaten or slept in two days, which makes him more likely to relapse. Holmes now claims her talking is like white noise, which he finds soothing. And he points out a car that's covered in parking tickets. That proves it hasn't moved in a week or so, but there are tire marks on the street suggesting that it skidded a foot or so. Watson helps out by pointing out the giant gouge in the side of the car that shows it was sideswiped. They probably could have started with that. The paint is mostly dark brown, but it includes blue and white in there. Holmes recognizes the shade (which is something the literary Sherlock Holmes was always doing) and tells Detective Bell that they're looking for a decommissioned NYPD van that's been painted dark brown.

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