Child Predator

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Like a Lead Balloon Man

Holmes goes in and talks to Adam, who considers Samuel Abbott his dad. Adam admits that he helped "take the others". He says he's confused. Adam asks if he signs the deal, will that make up for what he's done? Nope. Holmes says Adam will never get the blood of those six children off his hands. "That doesn't mean you shouldn't try." Adam concedes: "I'll sign the papers. I'll tell you where we live. That's where you'll find the girl."

Somewhere! A creepy, sweaty guy who's not wearing a shirt gives a young girl a gross-looking sandwich. And then the police bust in behind a riot shield! Samuel has a gun! But he shoots himself not the girl.

Holmes stares at Samuel's body. Mariana's okay, although she's still terrified. Holmes muses, "This isn't what I was expecting." He thought Samuel would be more virile, but he has a back brace from fused vertebrae. I'm not 100% sure that Holmes is correct in his belief that someone with a strong personality is necessarily going to be a big, strong man. But it's the sort of thing that Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes would have believed, so I don't mind it. It kind of ties in with that phrenology bust he mentioned, actually. It's that sort of mindset.

Anyway! Holmes looks around Samuel's grubby little apartment. There's a bare room with a single mattress on the floor. Watson says it's where Adam slept. No, Adam slept in the Master bedroom, because that's where the broken window is. Holmes makes the grand pronouncement: "That man out there, Abbott, is NOT the Balloon Man."

Adam comes home to a darkened bedroom. Holmes turns on the light. Hey, is this Adam's old room from seven years ago or whatever? He tells Adam that Samuel's room had a bare mattress, so: "Samuel Abbott was not the Balloon Man. You were." He even checked the hairs on the pillows in the two rooms.

Adam says he'd just turned 14 and was lonely after being kidnapped. Holmes says he wanted to hurt someone. Adam says he liked seeing the families on the television. He turned the tables on Samuel with psychological abuse followed by physical. Offering a swap was Adam's contingency plan in case he got caught. I wonder why he was out driving his Balloon Man van while he had a victim stashed back home. Adam asks, "Are you here to kill me, Mr. Holmes? Because I have to admit I find the possibility very... exciting." Adam goes to brush his teeth and says he thinks it's time to move to a new city.

Brownstone. Watson reports that Adam Kemper is immune to prosecution for any crimes done in concert with Samuel Abbot. Holmes knows that. She says he saved Mariana, which should be something. Holmes throws knives at the wall and complains that he injured himself doing the calisthenics. Watson says, "I said a hundred squats, not a thousand." Holmes: "Back pain! Thank you, dear, sweet... back pain!"

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