Child Predator

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Like a Lead Balloon Man

Adam hangs out in a park. Holmes shows up. Adam's watching some kids and parents. Holmes has a question about William Crawford, who was kidnapped on April 3, 2009. (Adam: "Blond boy. He cried a lot.") The police found him on April 7. (Adam: "Yeah, we buried them deeper after that." "Mr. Abbott made me bury them deeper after that.") Holmes says they tested the skin under William's fingernails, and it wasn't Samuel Abbott's. He reveals that Abbott's back was broken in March 2009. He was in traction the entire time William Crawford was being kidnapped and killed. The loophole is that the immunity deal was "for crimes committed in consort with Samuel Abbott."

Holmes says he doesn't want to know why Adam did it. And the police are here. Adam says he'll be out soon, since it's only one murder.

Brownstone. Watson closes windows so Holmes can get some sleep. Holmes claims to be flush with success and raring to go through old files: "You. Me. Angus. Some combination of the three." He wants to dig into his old files and solve three cases by nightfall. But before Watson can bring him the sleepy tea, he's asleep. I don't think she should use sleepy tea on an addict.

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