Déjà Vu All Over Again

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The Pusher

When Watson returns to the brownstone, she learns that Holmes got a message from his father. Holmes promised a favor when he borrowed that 2.2 million dollars in a previous episode's plot that I don't have time to go into. So even though he gave it back, he still has to appease his father's random whims. Specifically, he has to meet with a lawyer so he can investigate something. Watson asks if Holmes's father knows she's still there, even though she's not on the Sober Companion Gravy Train anymore. Holmes doesn't seem to know or care what his father knows.

On the case! They're in one of these 100th-floor suites with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on all of New York that you get so often on television shows. Holmes looks out the window and comments that it's six-inch bulletproof glass. Really? They're worried about someone shooting at them from the top of the Chrysler building? If it's that big a problem, maybe they should get rid of the floor-to-ceiling windows entirely. Anyway. A lawyer named Philip Armisted comes in with his assistant Rebecca, and Holmes insults him by suggesting that "shyster" is really "scheiss-ter". It's a vulgar pun, but it gets some snootiness credit for being in two languages. Rebecca says her sister Callie has been missing for six months. So it's a real case, and Holmes is willing to listen without further insults.

Holmes and Watson watch a video, where Rebecca's sister Callie tells someone named Drew that she doesn't love him anymore and can't tell him to his face. Holmes glances at Watson to make sure that she's watching. She brings up the specific thing that made her realize that life is too short: "Then that woman got pushed in front of that subway train the other day. The woman with the flowers." Holmes pulls out his phone and searches for "subway pusher woman flowers" because he was in rehab then and can be excused for not knowing all the details of the case. Callie says she's leaving for a while. End of video. Rebecca says Drew showed her the video to explain her disappearance. But Rebecca got suspicious because Callie would never vanish for this long without contacting her. She adds that Callie left Drew once before, but Rebecca knows no details. The police tried to locate Callie through credit cards and her phone but got nowhere. Rebecca thinks Drew could have forced Callie to make the video.

Rebecca's next piece of evidence is a picture of a wooden trunk. Rebecca inherited it but she kept it at Callie's place. And now it's gone! Drew claims Callie took it, but Rebecca says she would never do that. Phillip starts to explain why he went to Holmes, and Holmes goes outside with Watson. He says Callie was utterly calm, not being threatened, so she meant everything she said. He bases this on his extensive study of faces, which he says are just like penises. He, um, might want to do a little more studying. I can think of at least two important differences. So Holmes thinks this will be a delightful chance for Watson to find Callie. She thinks Drew might have killed Callie, but Holmes figures that she can go ahead and prove it. He's putting her on the case solo because he's distracted by the subway pusher case. The man who pushed her was never found. Watson asks if Holmes wants to tell the clients that she's handling it, but he does not: "Your case now, Watson. You tell him." Holmes is off!

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