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Not the Wire

As they leave the police meeting room, there's a message for Bell from "Mr. Cheese," who he claims is a CI. Holmes observes that he's had sex with Detective Reyes, the attractive female police officer who delivered the message. Then he suggests that Watson box with Reyes, but she's skeptical of his motives. He claims that he just noticed that she boxes, and he wants Watson to be able to defend herself.

Gregson walks up to Curtis Bradshaw, who's just trying to watch some basketball in a playground. You know how it is when you get out of prison. You want nothing more than some good food, a night in a soft bed, and to watch some guys play basketball. Gregson asks for his whereabouts between 10 and 10:30 last night, Bradshaw claims his car was stolen two nights ago, although he didn't report it. Both of his associates claim they were with him. One says he was at the movies and the other goes with a card game. Bradshaw cheerfully offers Gregson the opportunity to choose between the two alibis. Holmes noses in and baits him into a bet. Can he put the ball in the hoop from where they're standing near half-court? And if he does, will Bradshaw tell them his actual alibi? Bradshaw agrees. But Holmes just throws the ball on the roof of a nearby structure on the grounds that Bradshaw wasn't really going to tell them anyway. What a jerk! I like how Bradshaw's guys are only a little outraged: "You're gonna go get that ball, right?!" They kind of can't believe that just happened.

Bell is welcomed into a crummy apartment by Mr. Cheese, who calls him "Marcus Bulletproof Bell." Cheese learns that it was a modified MP5, and he offers to ask around with some contacts he has. But Bell says it would violate his parole. He brought Cheese groceries! Bell is investigating the room, and Cheese objects to being scoped out. His name turns out to be Andre, and he's Bell's big brother. He's also named "Bell," of course, but I'll call him Andre to keep them separate.

Holmes has investigated Bradshaw, who kept an excellent distance from the drugs throughout his operation. Most of the notes in the files are from Mickey Hudson, the bad lieutenant that planted drugs. He's killed himself, so he's not much use as a witness. Watson thinks it's weird that Bradshaw would go after Bell himself after keeping all the drugs at arm's length, but Holmes says vengeance makes people stupid. He makes a point of thanking Watson for her help with the files. Watson goes to the other room to order Thai, and Holmes throws a tennis ball at her back. His explanation is that it could have been a knife, which does not mollify her. He encourages her to fight him. Then she gets distracted by his wall of locks, which are organized by country of origin. She knocks over the rack to make him do it again.

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