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Not the Wire

A woman exits her house and sees a man sitting on her steps. He's not moving. Because he's dead, but she doesn't know that. And he's Curtis Bradshaw!

Later, Holmes poses next to Bradshaw's corpse, which the police do not find amusing. He sniffs the body and seems to be testing out angles. Reyes eyes him skeptically while he talks to her about boxing and how she's seen Bell naked. Then Holmes sniffs a wet cardboard box. Gregson shows up and Holmes says he has evidence that Bell was involved.

Bell's apartment. Holmes shows off his knowledge of Bell's shoes, which left a distinctive footprint on the box he was looking at. And the bootprint was exactly where the killer was standing. Bell reminds him and Gregson that there were uniforms at his front door, so he couldn't have snuck out to kill Bradshaw. Holmes says there are six other ways out, and then starts to list them. Then he admits that he doesn't really think Bell did it, but suggests that he come up with answers to the questions that are piling up. He goes off to look for the water closet. Gregson tells Bell the shots were "center mass" and Bell's on administrative duties because "We're gonna color inside the lines on this." Holmes comes back from the bathroom and strolls right out the front door.

Watson tells her therapist about the physical confrontation last week. She has not noticed any post-traumatic stress in herself. The therapist again reminds her she's not a sober companion, and that her life is now in danger. Has she been talking about boundaries with Holmes? Yes, but he doesn't listen. The therapist recommends that Watson move on from this "grand adventure." Watson claims unconvincingly that she's not staying with Holmes for the adventure angle.

Holmes listens to loud music while shooting a dummy in the main room of the brownstone. He explains to Watson that he needed the music to drown out the gunshots. He needs to do this ballistics test himself for some reason.

Andre comes out of the burger joint where he works, and Bell is waiting for him. Andre has learned that Tico Bettis tweaks MP5s, and Bell is mad that he's been talking to his old criminal friends. And the police already talked to Tico! Andre is frustrated that Bell doesn't know what it's like to be just out of prison. Then, he ominously says, "But who knows? Maybe someday, you will." Bell gets a text to go to the brownstone.

When Bell gets to the brownstone, Holmes is behind a microscope, and Watson tells Bell they think someone's trying to frame him. Holmes reveals a gun, which he stole from Bell's home. When he went to the bathroom, there was the smell of a recently fired gun, which was in the vent in the bathroom. Holmes has verified (through home ballistics tests) that it's the same gun that killed Bradshaw.

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