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Not the Wire

Bell bangs on Andre's door. He can hear the television. He apologizes through the door. But the door's unlocked, and Andre's lying on the floor. He's been shot in the torso. The window is broken. Bell calls in to the police. But Andre isn't dead yet! He doesn't sound good, though. Andre adds, "Be advised the victim is my brother." And we see that Andre wrote, "WAS NOT MARCUS" in blood on the floor. Thanks, Andre! Nice dying message! Unless you're not dying.

Holmes investigates Andre's apartment. He finds it interesting that he didn't know Bell had a brother even after nosing through Bell's personal stuff. He's been staring at the bloody message for over five minutes. He doesn't think it's in code, but he thinks it's interesting that both attempts to frame Bell were foiled. Watson suggests that Andre could have been shot for unrelated reasons, what with his giant police file. Holmes points to a place outside the window where there will be an obvious boot print.

Bell tells Holmes he needs to be the one to tell Gregson. They're in the hospital, waiting for Andre's surgery. Watson says the suturing is a good sign. I guess if Andre's chances were low they wouldn't bother? Bell says Andre took two slugs in the back. And Bell cashed in a big favor to get Andre a chance at an early parole, and he refused to testify against his friends to get it. Andre wouldn't talk and served his full term. Watson realizes that Bell was the one who blew the whistle on the Curtis Bradshaw detail. He's a straight-shooter across the board. Holmes asks, "Did you earn the favor by informing on your boss or not?" He feels this is important because anyone from the old detail could have known, and this opens up the list of possible suspects. Bell says nobody knew he informed on his boss, but Holmes has a crazy theory: "Perhaps they found out!"

Officer Reyes comes into the police meeting room, where Gregson, Holmes and Watson are waiting for her. Gregson accuses her of all the misdeeds that have happened so far. Holmes explains that they looked at all the people on Hudson's detail. Hudson wrote her a letter of recommendation, which shows that they were close. And she's been going out with Detective Evan Carlisle of "the rat squad" for months, which could have led her to the information that Bell was the snitch. She could even have been the person who stole the heroin from the evidence locker. Hudson said Reyes didn't steal the drugs, but Holmes thinks he'd already decided to kill himself and didn't want to drag her down with him. Watson connects the dots between Bell dating her and her having a key to his apartment. Sure, that makes sense. Reyes starts to stomp out, but Holmes has some shoelace eyelets that were left over after she burned some boots.

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