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Not the Wire

They then bring up someone named Denny Vargas. She arrested him, but didn't turn in the untraceable guns he was alleged to have. Gregson says the ballistics results from these recent murders match Vargas's crimes. Holmes suggests that Reyes was stockpiling her own personal armory of untraceable guns. Reyes sits down and complains that Bell would never say anything to her face.

Hospital room. Andre figures Reyes is going to prison for life. Bell agrees. Andre says the worst thing any of his exes ever did to him was to cut the spokes on his bike. Bell apologizes for calling his brother a murderer. Andre says it's cool. Bell points out that he couldn't really see who shot him, but Andre knew it wasn't him anyway.

Holmes is rearranging the locks. Watson notes that it's by date of manufacturer, earliest to latest. I love the idea of a puzzle like that being set up in your own home. She tells him she likes to be paid on Thursdays, and she's willing to stay until she gets an apartment. And he has to keep going to meetings. Holmes, trying not to beam, says, "Congratulations on your new career, Watson." She smiles a little. Then she picks up a basketball and bounces it off his face: "Could have been a knife." Holmes smiles.

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