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Yes. I Am Spy.

With that out of the way, our protagonists go into the Purcell home so we can get the plot moving. Oliver Purcell (the husband) says his wife was great and everybody loved her. Especially him! But Holmes says that Oliver's been sleeping on the couch lately. Oliver claims he has insomnia. But that's not enough to dissuade Holmes, who says that the damp towel and his toiletries in the guest bedroom suggest that he's been banished from the bedroom for some time. And he has a ticket to a Monday matinee showing of a movie, and his printer had resume paper. So he's unemployed. Oliver sends the daughter (Carly) out of the room for water and he admits it. But he's got an alibi: last night he was in a "pink slip mixer" with other unemployed friends.

Watson has gone to the kitchen with Carly, and she comments that Carly has been accepted to Georgetown and Michigan. And she plays soccer. I had a bit of a problem with the college acceptance being pinned up on the refrigerator, but I soccer photo makes sense. Carly says she got a soccer scholarship to Michigan, but her mother had her heart set on Georgetown. This makes her cry, and then she says "Tough times don't last. Tough people do." Watson recognizes these as recovery phrases. Carly says that she hurt her knee a few years ago and got hooked on pain pills and that her mother helped her get clean. Watson gives Carly her phone number in case she wants to talk about anything. I like this scene, because it combines Watson's detective training with her existing skills as a recovery professional.

Outside, Holmes thinks that talking to the family was a waste of time. The father is just "blah," in his opinion, because he has a pretty good alibi. Watson points out a neighbor woman, who is trimming an evergreen bush in winter instead of June. It's time for gossip!

The woman says Terry was having an affair because a "very handsome man" used to drop by a lot. And she has a picture on her phone! Holmes likes that there's a license plate in the picture.

The man turns out to be Jeffrey Silver, who runs a volunteer organization that deals with unexploded land mines. He tells Bell, Holmes, and Watson that Terry volunteered there too, and that's the explanation for him talking to her a lot. Holmes breaks in: "Intercourse. Were you and Terry having it?" Oliver is momentarily thrown, so Holmes clarifies that he means penetration and coitus. Jeffrey denies it. Bell would like an alibi for the murder, and Jeffrey supplies, "A friend and his wife had me over for dinner." Also, he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, but he wants everyone to know that Terry was one of the finest human beings he's ever known.

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