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Yes. I Am Spy.

Holmes barges into a room and announces, "I was wrong about you, Jeffrey!" He's talking to Jeffrey Silver, the guy from the land mine organization. There's a meeting going on, but Holmes interrupts it with the announcement that Jeffrey's a Russian Handler. He gave Oliver and Terry cover and information. And one of the steganography photos was on his laptop on Monday! I'll take Holmes's word for that, because I don't feel like rewinding to check. Jeffrey denies knowing who killed Terry, and he lets Holmes on his computer. The picture is no longer there. Jeffrey requests that they either arrest him or leave. Gregson calls to let them know that the interrogation of Oliver Purvell is starting, and that the feds have said that Holmes can sit in. Really? A spy case and they're going to let someone not from the US participate?

Oliver says that his relationship with Terry was never romantic. It was patriotic. Carly is, in fact, their biological daughter, but that was the result of them obeying orders. Then he gets serious: "But you can't raise a spy. Terry and I found ourselves with a daughter." They both loved Carly. Oliver worked twenty years for the SVR, but he wanted more for his daughter. Terry wanted her to be a spy. Oliver threatened to expose the operation, and that shut Terry and Jeffrey up. Holmes notes the testimony that Jeffrey was involved. Outside, Watson gets a call from Carly. Oliver says he'll testify on the spying, but he doesn't know anything about the murder. And he'll only help if Carly is kept out of it.

Carly tells Watson she saw the police. But her father had nothing to do with the murder! Watson goes to meet her so they can have the rest of the scene outside on a bench. Watson asks, "Did you know she was a spy?" She did. And her father? Yes. Her mother told her a few days ago. Carly says she killed her mother. Commercial!

In the police office, Carly says she was happy to get her Michigan scholarship (to play soccer, which appear to be her lifelong dream), and she called her mother. She sounded weird and told her she was going to Georgetown, because she was in a family of spies. So her whole life was a lie. But she wasn't allowed to tell her father what was going on. She wasn't threatened explicitly, but she assumed the people her mother worked for were dangerous. Terry wanted her to go to Georgetown because they had a good government program. She was supposed to infiltrate the inner workings of the United States government. And this destroyed her dreams: "I was going to Michigan. I was gonna play soccer." You can't play soccer at Georgetown? She threatened to go to the police if Terry tried to stop her. But as she was leaving, her mother grabbed her. "I guess I just shoved her." And she just lay there. And Mr. Silver came in, said he was her mother's handler, and said Carly was in trouble. She was afraid, because her father was all she had left. Carly ends her tear-stricken monologue: "Whatever else you think my dad did, he didn't kill my mom. I did."

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