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A Pun About Ears
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Holmes is practicing the fine art of disarming a bomb. Well, I assume it's a bomb. It's got a countdown in big red numbers. Naturally, he's interrupted by Lestrade shouting about Sherlock's rooster being in his way. This allows Watson and Holmes to exposit that Lestrade's been living at the Brownstone for nineteen days. And Holmes explains that this bomb was made by a demolitions expert who sends Holmes things from time to time. He doesn't know what will happen if he fails, since he's never failed before. He clips a wire and the countdown speeds up.

Watson goes to deal with Lestrade in the video room. Apparently Romulus the Rooster won't let him at the remote, so Watson has to distract the chicken. As Lestrade turns on the football, he thanks Watson for being nice and she gently reminds him that he needs to make a decision about where to go. He has an offer from São Paulo, but he doesn't speak Portuguese. He calls Sherlock "the old cock-handler" as he tries to get her to take one of his job offers.

Now, a guy in a cab. He tells the driver, "I'm him. The guy you've seen on the news. I'm Gordon Cushing." The cabbie asks if he did it, but Gordon gets out without answering.

There's a package next to Gordon's front door. He takes it inside and opens it with a letter opener while drinking some wine. And then he drops the glass because there are ears in the box. Two of them. That makes this episode a spin on "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box," which I've always thought was one of the least exciting story names ever. Calvin and Hobbes have adventures with a cardboard box; Sherlock Holmes should be aiming higher. The Arthur Conan Doyle story features Sherlock telling Lestrade to take all the credit for the case, which is something that the Sherlock of Elementary now regrets doing. It's thematic!

At the police station, Holmes learns the details of Gordon's situation. His wife, Sarah, disappeared in May 2010 and everyone thought he did it. Holmes's excuse for not knowing about this was that he was lost in his addiction at the time. A lot of these cases involve things happening in that window where Holmes wasn't keeping track of crimes, don't they? Anyway, Sarah disappeared and everyone assumed Gordon killed her. But there was no body, so it was hard to get a really good case against him. The box he received just now had a ransom demand and a note saying it contained his wife's ears. And this isn't the first ransom demand he's received; he got another one after she disappeared in June 2011. That time, Gordon followed the instructions to leave cash under a tree in Central Park. And when that was done, he contacted the cops and had no proof that any of it happened, so everyone figured he was just making it up to pretend that he hadn't killed her.

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