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But at the Barts home, Barts is gone, as is his car. But they have the wrench. It's bloody and placed very prominently on a shelf in the garage. Gregson thinks it's weird that the wrench is not even cleaned. Bell agrees that it looks pretty strange. Holmes calls it "utterly ridiculous." They're pretty much in agreement that it's a pretty sloppy frame job. Holmes examines the wrench and says there's a pattern found only in brackish water. (Watson: "It's a combination of fresh and salt water." Holmes: "Mmm.") So the wrench was in the water...recently. Holmes thinks the wrench was disposed of, then retrieved, then planted here. And he finds it interesting that the missing car is a Camry, but the can of motor oil on the shelf are super-high end and meant for cars that are better than a Camry. So he demonstrates that the oil cans are fake. These three cans all have big rolls of cash. It safe to assume that if he were blowing town, Barts would probably have taken his 50-100K in smuggling dollars with him. So...back to Cooper, right? Yeah. They didn't really need Holmes for this, but finding the money is convenient.

Interrogation room. Cooper continues to deny everything. He now claims that Owen Barts called him last night and admitted to all the crimes. From outside the room, Holmes says the pallor and lack of eye contact prove he's lying. Watson observes Cooper's constant water drinking and says he's got serious medical problems. She also notices Holmes's wrist scar, which matches the story that Fake Mr. Holmes told. She claims to have an errand and gets out.

Interrogation over. Bell and Gregson says Cooper won't budge because he knows there's no proof. Holmes is outraged, because Cooper's obviously lying. Also, he's bothered by the very strong smell of model glue. Bell goes to get some more water for Cooper. Holems says to bring him a pitcher, because he's got a crazy plan.

A bookstore! Watson interrupts Roger Rees, who turns out to be a bookstore worker named "Alistair." She's decided that knowing about Holmes's wrist scar means he's an actual friend who might know something about Holmes's history. And she found him because he dropped a receipt for that Zadie Smith book, and there was an employee discount. He says he was an actor in a radio drama ("We still have those across the pond."). He also claims to be Holmes's friend, in that Holmes appears at odd moments to make outrageous requests. Alistair is glad Holmes has Watson. She asks, "You knew him when he was using?" Well, Alistair knew he was dabbling, but thought he'd grow out of it. But nine months ago, Holmes showed up on his doorstep, so high he could barely speak. This also feels like acting to me. There's a lot of eye-contact-avoidance here. At this point, I think everything is an elaborate setup by Holmes. Alistair says Holmes was babbling a name over and over all night, but it doesn't matter what the name was. Watson doesn't push, but Alistair volunteers it. And then we don't hear it...yet.

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