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Code 1066 and All That

Interrogation chamber. Holmes comes in and asks if Cooper needs to urinate. Nope. Holmes thinks Cooper has lost a lot of blood: "A pint or two if I had to guess." This is because he's been drinking a lot of water but doesn't need to get rid of any. And the model glue was used to close his wound! It sounds dangerous, but that's actually what superglue was invented for. Holmes dares him to take off his shirt and pants. Cooper changes his story to having accidentally cut his side. Gregson points out that when they find Owen's body, it'll have Cooper's blood all over it. And Holmes figures they'll find Owen's body in one of the very few pools that match the water the wrench spent time in. Holmes describes all the things he knows about Cooper, like that he likes to hide things in brackish water and is too weak from blood loss to have spent a lot of time hiding a body and a car. So it's narrowed down to Jamaica Bay and Alley Pond Park. Gregson points out that bringing down planes is something that's frowned upon these days. Holmes recommends giving up, which will keep it a state case.

Watson comes home. Holmes is cleaning up the records of the Case of the Plane Crash and actually says the police did most of the work. Watson has a question about his past. Holmes starts to walk away. Watson: "I know about Irene. I want you tell me about her." Yeah! Let's get some proper Sherlock Holmes going on here! At least work a little of the original character in here, right?

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