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Doctor Doctor (Mr. MD)

Holmes and Watson are allowed in to see the administrator, a Mr. Sanchez, who is unhappy with them. He is accompanied by a very tall man. Or maybe Sanchez is just very short. Holmes asks if the tall guy gets things off high shelves for Mr. Sanchez, and I love the little smile the guy allows him before he says he's Dr. Baldwin, the head of surgery. He wasn't treating the dead man, but he was in pre-surgery, which made him Dr. Baldwin's responsibility. Gregson orders Holmes to apologize to Mr. Sanchez, which will get them the body. Holmes demands the name and medical records, but they are refused. It seems weird that people are willing to believe it was murder but they're not willing to tell the genius detective the name of the victim.

Outside the hospital. Holmes is furious that he apologized. But he has a lead: there were two coffee cups in the trash, one of which had lipstick. So there's a woman who brought the victim coffee. If they find her, they can learn his name. And there's a receipt from a coffee stand with "Dave" and a phone number written on the back, so off they go to the coffee place!

In a long line for coffee, Holmes grouses about how complicated coffee orders have gotten. I would have thought he'd have an elaborate theory on what you can learn from people's orders. They chat about this and that and Watson says she allowed her license to expire, so she's officially "not a doctor" at the moment, although she wasn't thrown out of the profession forever. She says it's hard to be a surgeon when you freeze up when you're handed a scalpel. Well, you could be one of those surgeons who use lasers. At the front of the line at last, they meet Dave. And even though there's a really long line, Dave has time to chat! He says he gives out his number a lot, but a little prodding gets him to remember the customer. He says it was a blonde doctor with a lab coat and cleavage and perfume.

Outside, Holmes and Watson agree that it wasn't a doctor, thanks to all that stuff. Doctors don't wear their lab coats out of the hospital, they don't show cleavage on the job and perfume is a no-no for a doctor on duty. So Watson leads them to a department store that has perfume ladies in lab coats. They find the blonde immediately! Which is lucky, because in my experience most perfume ladies are blonde. She says the dead man's name was Trent Kelty. She was a neighbor and visited him in the hospital after he lost sight. The previous night, visited him around 9:30 and offers to give them her Metro card to identify when she left. Jonny Lee Miller does a very nice "huh!" noise when she says that. Holmes clearly considered the suggestion and was surprised at how good he thought it was. He asks if she can remember anyone who would have wanted to hurt him. No, Mr. Kelty had no friends. She has trouble with the word "oncologist" (which is another clever moment) but says that a doctor was visiting him at nights. She was also not the one cutting up his pancakes.

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