Lesser Evils

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Doctor Doctor (Mr. MD)

Carrie breaks off her conversation with Watson because she has a pre-op consult. She gets Watson to come along. The patient a young lady named Morgan, who plays soccer. She has a darkened left toenail. Watson says she's no longer a doctor. Morgan does not ask, "So how come you're in here while I'm being examined, then?"

Bell does the interviews instead of Holmes. Logical! Holmes is notoriously a jerk. Dr. Cahill, the current interview subject has been on call for 29 hours and is touchy about how exhausted he is. Bell says that one victim is James Romano, who had pancreatic cancer, just like Bell's mother. Bell spins a story about how he wishes someone would have had the strength to end her pain. Holmes blows up Bell's spot, saying that he's trying to gain his empathy. I'm going to assume that the awkwardness of the story was because Bell is a bad actor, not because the guy playing Bell is... if that makes sense. Cahill is dismissed. Holmes explains that the guy was nervous, but stopped when he learned it was the deaths.

Watson and Carrie. Watson says Morgan has endocarditis. But Carrie already checked her heart and heard no murmur. Watson asks her to run a test so Morgan doesn't crash during the surgery.

Holmes and Watson check in. Holmes's suspects all came up clean and Watson says it's hard for her to be around her friends. She gets a text saying Morgan didn't have endocarditis and is visibly disappointed about it. Holmes demands that she hold the course, even though the first test was negative. I like how engaged he is in her problems here, because up until now, he's been distant about pretty much everything. And then Holmes is distracted by the car of Dr. Cahill, which he identifies from the Bobcats bumper sticker. Bell thought Cahill was a good suspect, although Holmes dismissed him. And Cahill said he was sleepy toward the end of his shift, which was five hours ago, but the presence of his car implies that he hasn't gone home yet. He's not even allowed in the hospital right now!

In the hospital, Cahill sneaks a hypo from a crash cart. He enters a patient's room and starts to inject an IV tube. Holmes busts in and Cahill is dragged off. But then! The hypo was empty; he was trying to steal morphine from a PC machine.

Brownstone. Holmes yells at himself for not recognizing Cahill's twitchiness. But he doesn't care about him anymore, because he's concentrating on the murder. All twenty-three of the people on his list are no longer suspects. But then! Watson notes that Samantha Cropsey, the second-to-last victim, was not terminal. She had a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, but she wasn't going to die. So why did the Angel make an exception? Gregson calls. Cahill's talking! He's got some sort of information for them!

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