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The One With Vinnie Jones

Holmes strolls into another room to look at files. He's pretty cheerful now, which disturbs Watson. He explains that this represents a second chance at M, now that he's not an addict. Gregson asks why M would have come to New York so soon after Holmes. That's a valid question. Gregson is posting a couple of uniforms in front of the brownstone, just in case. Holmes tries to wave this off, but Watson thinks it's a good idea. Gregson leaves and Watson says she wants to help look through Holmes's files on M. She offers to take them with her on this appointment she has, but Holmes nixes this. He says she's become a crutch, so he has to retrain himself to work without her. She's kind of disappointed.

Watson's meeting turns out to be with her therapist. She thinks Holmes is ready for her to leave. The therapist points out that Watson found Holmes's work invigorating, so Watson unconvincingly claims not to want to be an investigator. The therapist says that "short of your client falling off the wagon," her time with Holmes is coming to an end. This is so clearly meant to be foreshadowing of Holmes getting back on drugs that I assume it's a bluff.

Somewhere, a woman takes her robe off in front of a giant window. Vinnie Jones oils in... and puts money on the end table. He wasn't about to kill her at all! She asks what he does and he just stares at her. He's very good at being menacing, isn't he? He turns on the television and dismisses her attempt at a lap-dance with "The Arsenal are playing." She leaves, probably doubting her own status as a super-hot lady. Vinnie's phone buzzes and it's a text full of gibberish. He answers with gibberish of his own and opens a suitcase. He takes out a baggie of cut-out letters.

Holmes and Watson meet up at the morgue to look at the corpse of Ian Vickers. Watson says the oil in the hair suggests that he was dropped at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. "I'm gonna miss this," she admits. "Maybe not this so much." Meaning hanging out in the morgue. "But this. Working with you. I think what you do is amazing." She has a whole speech prepared about it. She decided not to wait for their wrap-up dinner, because that's probably not going to happen. Holmes looks nonplussed, because of her heartfelt speech, not because the dinner isn't happening. Probably.

Brownstone. It's after eleven, so Watson wants to talk about what to order. Holmes tells her to shut up because there's a note taped to a lamp. Holmes: "I believe our home has just become a crime scene."

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