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It Was the Husband

Watson asks about the fit young lady she just saw leaving the place while purring her clothes on. Holmes claims that although he finds sex repellent, what with the sounds and smells, he sometimes needs to indulge. There are handcuffs on a ladder, so this Sherlock is a kinky, tattooed, muscular, weirdo. That doesn't leave a lot of room for fanfic writers to expand on things, but I expect they'll come up with something. Let me suggest that Sherlock's addiction was to heroin in Scotland. For example. He might also be a brilliant computer genius with a penchant for rollerblading everywhere. Or presumably Jonny Lee Miller has been in some other movies. You know what I'm going for here.

He also knows she used to be a surgeon and has a car. He decides they'll take "the tube." One of his quirks is that he talks like someone who just got back from a two-week trip to London and now uses British lingo everywhere. I find it very funny.

In the subway (excuse me, the "tube"), he tells her he used to be a consulting detective for Scotland Yard. She gets a call (according to her iPhone screen, from "Mom & Dad") but would rather talk to him about London. He deflects by saying it was nice of her mother to take his father back after the affair. Watson is again amazed at his perspicacity. Anyway, he's resuming his work as a consultant in New York. Obviously.

Oh, it's one of those shows with a super-short title screen. It lasts about as long as it takes to say "ELEMENTARY."

When we come back, we're at a crime scene. That'll happen, I guess. Holmes wants to know what Watson was told when she got this job being his helper monkey. She prefers the term, "companion." The policeman in charge is Captain Gregson, and Holmes introduces Watson as his personal valet. Gregson doesn't want her to accompany Holmes into the crime scene, but she's allegedly essential to his process. Because she's apparently supposed to watch over him 24 hours a day? I think Holmes's father has some unrealistic expectations for his employees.

The case! Dr. Richard Mantlo came home and his wife, Amy Dampier, was missing. He had an emergency that kept him out until 5 am. There was no ransom demand. Holmes takes notes on his phone. Well, I assume he's taking notes. I guess he could be playing Qrank or something. He seems to see something in the room and studies the photos on the mantel. The police do have Amy's cell phone, and Holmes flips through it so he can compare the pictures of her with the ones on the wall. He announces that she's either lost a tremendous amount of weight or has gotten plastic surgery. He concludes this from the fact that the phone has no pictures of her from more than two years ago, but it has lots of pictures of other people that are older than that.

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