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It Was the Husband

Watson and Gregson chat while Holmes sniffs the carpet. Gregson worked with Holmes a few times years ago when he was in London.

Holmes studies the blood smear on the floor while Doubting Cop sneers at him. Holmes tells him that there are two broken glasses, which means that she knew her attacker and was offering him a glass. He finds the other base of the glass under the fancy refrigerator to prove his point. And on his phone, there's a picture of a heel print that (he's certain) will have the blood of the victim. It's the boot print from the front door, so the door was kicked in as the bad guy left. And also, the attacker took something from the living room. The two sides were symmetrical, and something's missing. Dr. Mantlo tells them it was a ring box.

They go to the master bedroom, and Holmes is now considering this a murder, because, "Kidnappers don't take trophies." Holmes prances about in the bedroom and says, "She's in the saferoom." "What saferoom?" asks Doubting Cop. "The one behind that wall." The weight of the wall makes the floor slope, see, and Holmes drops a marble on the hardwood floor so it can roll toward the wall. He finds the button to open the door. The marble stops in the pool of blood.

Holmes: "Sometimes I hate it when I'm right."

After a commercial, we're in an interrogation room. Dr. Mantlo protests, "For the last time, I loved my wife." Is that really the last time he'll ever say that? Seems a little harsh. He claims he didn't even know there was a safe room, which sounds sketchy. His wife oversaw the construction, but you'd think she'd tell him about it. The button that opened the door was right next to the bed! What was going to happen if she used it? "Hi, honey. There are burglars in the home. Oh, and I'm in a secret room I never told you about." I think his story has already fallen apart.

Holmes-Watson. Holmes is Holmesing: "I don't guess. I observe. And once I observe, I deduce." That's what he says, anyway. He elaborates, saying that knew she was a surgeon because she had one soft hand that smelled of beeswax. Surgeons wash their hands with beeswax, you know. That's a ridiculous stretch, but it's also the kind of stretch that Doyle's Sherlock would use all the time, so I approve of it. And he figures she stopped being a doctor because she had someone close to her with addiction. Watson asks, "How did you know my father had an affair?" Holmes: "Google. Not everything is deducible."

Okay. Remember that line.

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