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Triple Nitro

Said Pleasure Parlor is filled with leather goods. Bell introduces himself to the gentleman behind the counter and asks if he sold an XXL latex suit recently. The gentleman replies, "Sure, happy to help, just as soon as you come back with a subpoena." Discretion is an important part of running this sort of place. Holmes makes a joke about the guy being on a "moral high horse" because he's wearing chaps. It's not much of a joke, but he tries. Watson is over at the rack of latex suits and she thinks they should just dust them all for prints because whoever bought one probably touched all of them. Sure, makes sense. Counter-guy says they need a subpoena for that, too, so Bell decides he'll just wait for the subpoena to get there. While prominently wearing his police badge and standing next to the counter. That seems like harassment to me, and it works. The country guy says there was an XXL sold last night at around 9:30, and the guy who bought it was "a medium at most." He paid cash, but he got it from the ATM right by the register.

A Mr. Jeffries is in the interrogation room looking at pictures of himself at the ATM. He'd claimed he was at home watching television, but now he says that he forgot he went for a walk. I'm not here to judge people, but if you can forget that one night ago, you spent hundreds of dollars on a latex suit that doesn't even fit you, you might have a problem. Gregson says he shoved his boss into the suit after poisoning him, and Jeffries denies poisoning him. He admits to buying the suit and putting Delancey into it, though. He got to Delancey's house for dinner around 8:45. He was already dead, and Jeffries assumed he had a heart attack. Gregson explains that Jeffries is in charge of acquisitions at AP&G and is in line for CEO, but Jeffries insists that Delancey was stepping down anyway. So what's the deal with the latex suit? Jeffries gets into the details of Delancey's contract's morals clause, which would save the company hundreds of millions of dollars that could have gone to Delancey's children. He admits to being "a greedy jerk with really questionable judgment" but denies being a murderer. I can't imagine how much work it would take to get a dead body into a latex suit without knocking over tables and making a huge mess. Partway through that process, he had to have been wondering if there was a better way to do this.

At the police conference room, the lab confirms the nitroglycerine in the bourbon. Bell says that AP&G security confirms that Jeffries was at the office until 8:00, which is the time of death. Delancey's wife is on the way home.

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