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Triple Nitro

Graham is idly shooting baskets at an outdoor hoop as Watson and Holmes come up. He's bummed out about his father being dead, his nanny being fired, and his stepmother admitting to planning his father's death. His brother Zack is particularly affected by Perry, but he's okay with his Aunt Susan. Holmes brings up the subject of murder for money, and Graham denies it, saying everyone knows Abigail did it, because it's in all the papers. Also, she and his father got in a big argument last week, and he can prove it because he was recording his brother doing a parkour move in the hallway. How convenient!

Holmes shows Abigail the video. Police technicians have enhanced the audio and found that Titus was angry that someone had accessed his tablet, and he blamed Abigail. She denies it and Holmes says that the police are looking for it now. It has been hypothesized that Titus found out her secret and was blackmailing her for...services. Holmes asks why she didn't mention the fight, and she says it wasn't a big deal. She promises she's always been honest with him, and he brings up her poisoning her father. He has the precise date of a letter where she mentioned a neighbor with a heart condition, which is where he believes she got the nitroglycerine. And another letter gave a different alibi than she had at the trial. "I know the truth, Abigail. I've known for twenty-two years." She tells him to get out.

In the Delancey home, Watson is trying to pick the lock on Delancey's fancy desk because someone tried to pry the drawer open. She reminds Bell she used to be a surgeon, which means she'd never "leave a mess like this." I like that. She should become an expert lock-picker with her surgeon skills now. She gets the drawer open, but it's empty. Watson suggests that the scratches might have made him suspicious. Bell's new idea is that the tablet might have been in a case that looks like a book, so maybe it's in one of the bookshelves that line the room. What I want more than anything right now is for one of them to move a book that makes the bookshelf swing out from the wall, revealing the sex dungeon that shows that Titus Delancey really was into bondage the whole time. Watson suddenly notes that this fairly small room has five air vents. She walks around tapping the walls and finds the fake. There's a tablet inside it! So much for my theory.

Watson calls Holmes to tell him to turn around and go back to Abigail's place. The tablet has videos of Titus. Sexually abusing Graham.

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