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At the police station, Gregson, Holmes, and Watson are here to talk to Graham, his aunt, and their lawyer. Gregson brings out the tablet and suggests that Graham was considering hurting his father. Graham doesn't want to talk to his aunt or his lawyer about this and tells them both to leave. Gregson says he's seventeen and is within his rights to talk without a lawyer. Gregson says that Graham had an understandable motive and Graham denies it. Watson shows that Graham's fingerprints were on the file that Perry Delancey got that explained Abigail's past. Holmes concludes that Graham came to the same plan as his stepmother because he didn't want his story to get out and he didn't want Zack to suffer as well.

Abigail storms into the police station looking for Graham because Zack called her. The aunt demands to know if she knew what was happening, and she looks confused. Holmes works on Graham, saying that if he comes forward, he'll save Abigail from going to prison for something he didn't do. Watson asks him to tell the truth. But then the aunt and lawyer come back in and kick the cops out into the hallway. Bell says that Abigail wants to make a confession, claiming that Delancey found out her real identity and was extorting sexual favors.

Holmes goes into Abigail's interrogation room. The DA will not pursue Graham without a confession, which he is unlikely to get now that Abigail's confessed to a murder she didn't do. She explains that she's confessing to save Graham from prison. Holmes says Graham is unlikely to serve more than eighteen months, what with the mitigating circumstances, but Abigail blames herself for not stopping the abuse. "I should have stopped it...sooner." And after all, she did poison someone twenty years ago: "Titus got what's coming to him. And now so am I. Finally."

Graham meets Holmes by one of New York's many picturesque bridges. Holmes warns Graham that he'll be watched, and that he is not to murder anyone at all from now on. Graham hasn't spoken to anyone about what happened to him because it won't change anything, and Holmes awkwardly assures him that "being victimized is corrosive. And sometimes talking about it? That can help." He gives Graham his card in case he should wish to talk to someone who already knows what happened.

Boxing gym: Holmes pummels the heavy bag.

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