Possibility Two

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Watt has been brought in for questioning. And he brought a lawyer, which is a good idea. Holmes says that Kademan thought someone was inducing dementia in rich people. The lawyer answers, "That's... shocking. I assume you have evidence?" He has some. But Brian Watt has a sterling reputation. Watson says Watt has hereditary CAA, which is why he hasn't said anything. The research wasn't going fast enough, so he hatched a plan to scare giant charities into donating more. If he's enough of a genius to find a way to rewrite DNA into having a new disease, he should have figured out a way to do it in reverse. Anyway, all the victims had procedures at Stuyvesant Memorial, so they figure he snuck some kind of serum into their IVs. There are detectives going to Watt's home to look for more of the dementia drug. The case is solved! But Lydon is probably still crazy for the rest of his life and he did kill Crabtree. Still, the CIA will probably be interested in this untraceable poison, right?

Watson comes back to the dry cleaner's and she brought Bell. She makes accusations about smuggling, human trafficking, etc. And Ball brought a warrant. The woman says things in foreign. Arrests are made!

Watson busts in to a room in the brownstone and announces, "I did it!" But Holmes wants to catch the bee that he somehow let out. He wants her to trust her own instincts: "A good detective knows that every task, every interaction, no matter how seemingly banal, has the potential to contain multitudes. I live my life alert to this possibility. I expect my colleagues to do the same." He looks triumphant. I quite like that he's calling her his colleague.

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