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The Gift of Revenge

Holmes and Watson interview Mrs. Rourke, who says her husband knew no one named Moriarty. Wallace was a common mechanic, and "a couple Dominican guys" is as close as he got to knowing anyone British. He'd thought he was being followed a few weeks before he was killed, but the police dismissed it. She has some of her husband's stuff in the next room, explaining that Wallace was a pack rat.

She asks if there's a new lead that brings them here, and Holmes says that new eyes can be just as useful as new information. I guess that's true. Hasn't she ever seen Cold Case Files? I mean, not there's anything wrong with her if she hasn't. I certainly haven't. Mrs. Rourke doesn't think they'll get anywhere, but it's okay with her if they take his stuff. Watson finds Rourke's old phone. The wife says that a few weeks before he died, someone bumped into him on the street and spilled coffee all over it, so he had to get a new one. Then, as required by law, she says, "Please find whoever did this."

Holmes says Rourke was poor, but the two assassins they know about were paid very well. Watson puts stuff on a chalkboard. I think it's funny that they always put clippings up on a vertical surface, but it's rarely the same thing twice. It's an interesting mix between having a routine and mixing it up. Watson says the autopsy report shows two smooth wounds under the ribs in front. And they're so smooth that he must have been motionless when he was stabbed. Or frozen in fear. But Holmes says he was a former Army ranger. He points to a bruise under his left ear, which immobilized him. Then one stab to each lung. Not a street thug, then. So Moriarty was right. Holmes changes tacks: "And now, I require sustenance!"

Holmes looks through the cupboard for food. Watson almost asks him a question, then he makes her commit. She wants to know what Irene was like. Holmes is thrown. He says she was American. But, "I held it against her only briefly." She was a painter who restored Renaissance paintings for a living. And she was optimistic about the human condition. Holmes says, "With Irene, it seemed almost convincing." Then he quotes from the Arthur Conon Doyle stories: "She was, to me, The Woman. To me, she eclipsed and predominated the whole of her gender. The only one I ever, um..." He trails off. Then he says, in a loud voice, "And the sex!" Watson cuts him off. Holmes finds an envelope with a shipping label for Rourke's new phone. His phone was shipped from Lexington Avenue, while a proper phone would have been shipped from upstate. So someone was using that phone to track him.

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