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The Gift of Revenge

Holmes and Watson are in a lobby. Holmes reads Friend or Foe: Assessing the risks of everyday life by Darren Sutter. That's just The Gift of Fear, right? Holmes is not impressed, since the book appears to just say that if your gut says you're in trouble, you're probably in trouble. Take that, Gavin de Becker! Watson says Darren Sutter runs one of the biggest security firms around. And that's where they are now. Darren comes up with his wife Kate. Holmes observes that Darren is a third-degree black belt in a particular martial arts discipline. Then he asks why his firm was tracking Wallace Rourke. Holmes's theory is that Rourke's old phone was ruined by an operative, and when he ordered a new one, his actual phone was intercepted. Then Sutter sent him a similar one. Watson explains that the phone was sent from a place around the corner. Sutter gives it right up and says they surveilled Rourke for a couple of days. They were investigating him based on claims of threats by a client. Watson asks who the client was, but that's confidential.

Walking out, Holmes says he doesn't buy it. He thinks Sutter is the murderer. Twist!

Back at the brownstone, Holmes explains that Sutter's book is "a virtual confession," although it was written five years before the murder. He directs Watson to page 13. Sutter's older sister Leah was murdered when he was 23 in 1991. The police believed it was a home invasion, and Sutter got home just when the man left. He saw the man's face and gave them a detailed sketch, and it looks just like Wallace Rourke. And after Leah died, he became obsessed with security and that particular type of karate, which incidentally uses mastoid strikes that cause a bruise under the left ear and causes momentary paralysis. So did Rourke kill Leah twenty years ago? Watson starts by wonders if Rourke had a police record. Well, he was convicted for breaking and entering, then entered the army instead of going to jail. He got out of the army in 1990 and moved to Stamford Connecticut, 30 minutes from Leah. Watson wonders why Moriarty cares about this whole deal, and Holmes thinks Moriarty might want Sutter's company to take a PR hit to get it out of the way for one of his schemes. Watson wrings her hands about how they could hurt someone by cooperating with Moriarty. Holmes thinks he can deal with Moriarty before Sutter gets in trouble.

Watson gets another text from Gregson encouraging her to go to Boca. Weird.

Holmes meets Sutter in a park. He sweeps Sutter for bugs and offers his bug-sweeping device to Sutter. Sutter does a perfunctory job. He's not as detail-oriented as someone in his profession ought to be. Holmes opens the conversation: "Now, then. I'm curious. How do you feel since you killed Wallace Rourke?" Sutter starts to leave, and Holmes says Sutter's depression (which he diagnosed from some pictures from a few years ago) has lifted since Rourke was killed. Holmes tells Sutter he's a terrible liar. Sutter claims to be excellent so Holmes can irritably correct him: "Excellent and 'better than most' are two different things." Holmes asks if the name Moriarty means anything to him, and Sutter says he's never heard it before. Holmes says he'll need all of Sutter's client files, but Sutter isn't willing to do that. There's no proof of his guilt anywhere. Holmes says Moriarty probably has a listening device in Sutter's home or office. And when Sutter says they sweep both regularly, Holmes pounces. If the sweeps are regular, then it's not that hard to remove and replace the bugs to avoid them. Holmes says to sweep for bug today, ahead of schedule, then contact him. He wants to track Moriarty before turning Sutter in.

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