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The Gift of Revenge

Gregson's office. Watson asks if he's trying to get rid of her. She feels he's pushing her toward Boca because he doesn't like having her around. He says she's turning into a pretty damn good investigator in her own right. However, "In case you haven't noticed, a lot of bodies dropping around our boy of late." Watson points out that Gregson's also in danger. He says he carries a gun. She mutters, "And a penis." I think she's got a point. She says Holmes needs her. Gregson feels that Holmes will always need someone, since he's the most self-absorbed person in the world. He thinks Holmes probably doesn't even recognize the danger Watson is in. Then Bell comes in and says Darren Sutter is here to confess to murder.

In the interrogation chamber, Sutter says he recognized Rourke immediately. Holmes tells Watson that Sutter probably found the bugs, so now Sutter knows someone can prove murder and wants to get out ahead of it. Holmes figures Moriarty will be contacting them soon, since he did what he was supposed to.

Brownstone. Holmes kicks a soccer ball against the wall impatiently. If he were in England, it would be a football, but here it's a soccer ball. Watson thinks Moriarty isn't necessarily going to call. Holmes asks if her mysterious conversation with Gregson was a continuation of her previous one. Then the phone rings.

Moriarty congratulates Holmes. Holmes explains the plot as he understands it: Wallace Rourke killed Leah Sutter in 1991, and Darren Sutter killed Rourke in 2013. Or whatever year the show is set in. But he's wrong: Moriarty says Wallace Rourke had an alibi. His mail went to Connecticut, but he was in Saudi Arabia doing off-the-books work for an American oil company. He came back in March 1991, after Leah's death. Sutter, says Moriarty, killed the wrong man. "And your work is far from done. Finish it." In a regular episode, Holmes would have to find out for himself that he did something wrong. But this time, Moriarty can just announce that he still has work to do.

Watson tries to sleep on the couch, and Holmes wakes her up by flicking the light on and off. He says he gave her 107 minutes of sleep, which is just enough for one cycle. Now I hate him. Holmes says has been unable to prove that Rourke was not in Saudi Arabia. He had no financial activity in that period. But there are medical records showing that he got malaria and typhoid medicine, and he got a vaccination suggesting he was preparing to go to Saudi Arabia. And there was a $30,000 payment from a shell company in April 1991, which could well be payment. Watson complains that their assignment was to find Rourke's killer, not Leah's. Fair point! I think they've done what Moriarty asked.

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