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The Gift of Revenge

But back to Leah: there were unidentified partial fingerprints on her door. They could belong to anyone, but could also be her killer's. And they were not a match for Rourke. So Moriarty might be right. Watson suggests that Moriarty set Sutter up to kill the wrong person. But Holmes insists that the face is etched on Sutter's brain, since he said in the book that he saw the murderer's face. Watson thinks his memory could have been influenced, and Holmes gets very insistent that this is something you never forget. He means Irene. That's too bad because I like the idea of someone spending twenty years slowly influencing Sutter's memory using Darren Brown-style tricks. Like you'd talk about pointy chins a lot, and then Sutter would remember a pointy chin.

Suddenly, Holmes announces that the taste in his mouth is horrid, so he goes up and brushes his teeth. Watson comes into the bathroom and Holmes checks to see if she had asparagus. She didn't, but she's still not going to pee in front of him. She wonders why Moriarty is making Holmes jump through all these hoops. If he got in the way, why not kill him? Or just work your schemes so they don't touch him? And why kill Irene? She asks Holmes if he's afraid of Moriarty. He overthinks it: "I find fear to be an unproductive filter with which to view the world. It dampens my powers of observation." Watson tells him to answer like a normal human being. She reminds him, "There are ways to hurt you that do not involve hurting... you."

Holmes tells Watson she has to undergo risks in this job, but he will never allow any harm to come to you. "Not ever." She says, "You can't promise that." Holmes answers, "And yet I have."

Holmes says they'll split up to do more damage. He'll go talk to Darren Sutter, while Watson gets the wife so she can press for the firm's client list.

Prison. Sutter insists that Rourke killed his sister. He's absolutely certain it's the same man, so Holmes must be wrong. Holmes admits that the evidence that Rourke was out of the country isn't ironclad. Sutter says Holmes is being played, and Holmes acknowledges the possibility. Sutter says he's not lying.

Watson plays Kate Sutter recording of Moriarty's voice, and Kate doesn't recognize it. And their clients need to trust their discretion, so she's not handing over the list under any circumstances. Yeah, privacy is kind of their main selling point. She insists that Darren saw Wallace Rourke's face that night: "There's no way he would make a mistake like that." His life changed when Leah was murdered. Watson asks when she first met Darren, and Kate says it was at a candlelight vigil for Leah. Watson says that sounds complicated. Kate is sad that Darren's in jail, but she's happy he found some peace at last.

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