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The Gift of Revenge

Holmes tells Watson he thinks this was supposed to be a stupid lesson from Moriarty about how the need for vengeance destroys people. He's going to go tell Darren the news.

At the prison, Darren wonders why Holmes is telling him. He couldn't wait for one more night? Holmes offers to find Leah's killer, but Darren says it won't be justice unless he gets to strangle the guy himself.

As Holmes walks out of the jail, he talks to Moriarty on the phone. He offers to let Moriarty give the answers in person. Moriarty would rather not meet him. Moriarty offers a choice: He could promise never to get involved in Holmes's life again (which I think would be difficult, with Holmes investigating weird murders all the time), or he could give Holmes the answers he seeks. So he sends a text with this address: 56 Poplar St. Douglaston, NY. And the message "Choose wisely." Holmes's other phone rings. He tells Watson it went as well as could be expected. And he claims he did not hear from Moriarty, so he's coming straight home. Liar!

Holmes's taxi pulls up at a huge white house surrounded by lush grounds and a fence. And presto! Watson is behind Holmes! She reminds him, "In this day and age, the simplest way to track someone is via their cellphone." Holmes realizes she cloned the phone that Moriarty's been using to contact him. Is that something you can do at home? I hope she used one of the burners that Holmes keeps in a box in the closet. She says that as soon as he said he wouldn't let her be hurt, she knew he'd pull something like this. She does not want to be protected, which is awesome. She tells him point-blank: "You asked me to be your partner!" He says that his vision is blurred by being in the middle of the puzzle. He says, "The reasons I'm here are personal." Watson isn't letting him get away with that: "I could say the same thing. I have been with you every step of the way these past couple of weeks. We have worked hard on this case. Whatever answers he's got in there for you, I deserve them too." Holmes looks at her. Then he walks to the gate. He walks in and holds it for her.

They walk up the driveway and up a staircase. I think they're on a veranda. There's a key in the door. Holmes opens it. Inside, they split up and start looking through the rooms. There's a mattress on the floor of one room, which I find incongruous with the fancy architecture. Holmes wordlessly stops Watson from going up the stairs, and then leads her to some French doors. He opens them and there's a room full of paintings. Mostly city skylines. The artist is very fond of roofs. There's a blonde lady painting. Holmes starts to break down. He reaches out and says, "Irene. Irene! Irene." She looks around. It's Margaery Tyrell! Wait. No. It's Natalie Dormer, who is playing a completely different character here.

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