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Holmes wakes Watson the next morning by babbling about how Gregson wants them to go look at a disturbance at Patricia Ennis's home. But when they get there, it's a false alarm; the neighbors just threw stuff through her window. It's weird that they couldn't tell Holmes and Watson that before they got there. Watson is interested in Patricia's food: it's all stuff that people with kidney problems shouldn't eat. Holmes checks through the rest of the kitchen and seems to agree. One glass smells of frankincense with a hint of carrot seed. And there are essential oils around, so they conclude that she took them to cause renal failure in herself. Gasp!

Drummond speaks to Patricia in her hotel room. Drummond admits that she made up a source and then paid a neighbor to say he was the source. She apologizes for what happened to her parents and her. "I even owe your brother an apology." She ignored a phone call during this, so she foolishly sits next to the bed when Patricia says she can't speak clearly. Patricia grabs some scissors. Bell gets the next call out in the hallway, but when he busts into the room, Drummond's been neck-stabbed. Patricia says, "You can arrest me now. It's done."

With the whole team there, Patricia explains her motives, which I think we've already covered: she was mad that Drummond accused her parents of sexual abuse. She objects to the word "allegations" because she prefers "lies." Her brother got a cellphone a year earlier (somehow; remember he was in prison) and called her on the anniversary of their father's death. She felt that the plan sounded right: Howard would be out there humiliating Drummond, and she'd wait for Drummond. She doesn't mind dying now, which is good because she's done a lot of damage to her kidney.

Bell comes up with a cellphone. Ennis is on the line! He's calling through a router, and he fiddles with a radio while he's talking. He's in a room full of chandeliers, for some reason. He says he'll have to keep making his point. Holmes finds another radio and fiddles with the tuner. The station Ennis was on is weak where they are. He's off! Boy, it's a good thing that Ennis was listening to a radio and fiddling with the tuning knob while he talked on the phone, the way no one ever does. It's also a good thing Holmes was able to find another portable radio with a manual tuning knob so quickly.

Ennis pops a lock and creeps through a stairwell. It's like a chandelier museum in here. Seriously, I don't want to dwell on it, but there are SO MANY CHANDELIERS. Holmes is already inside the hideout! He welcomes him in, mentioning that he has his gun. He explains that the Columbia University station is very weak, and it barely overlaps with a Greek micro transmitter. So the snippets he heard over the phone showed him where Ennis was calling from. That's the point. So he picked the empty building in the area. He'd like to talk about them both being profiled by Kathryn Drummond. The term she used for Holmes was "self-annihilation." He thinks Drummond's good, and he wonders if she might be right about his ultimate fate. She believed that Ennis was basically a coward who would shrink away from confrontation. Holmes brought a gun and handcuffs. If Ennis is truly a chicken, he'll choose the handcuffs. But if Drummond was wrong, he'll take the gun.

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